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What Is Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine is an alkaloid used to promote healthy cognitive function. [1,2,3] Vinpocetine has a poor bioavailability of 6.2-6.7% in humans, but consuming it with food may help to increase absorption. [4]

Benefits of Vinpocetine 99% vs Vinpocetine 10%

Vinpocetine 99% means that it is of 99% purity, containing no filler. Thanks to this purity, the vinpocetine is very potent and so a smaller dose is required.

Vinpocetine Benefits


Taking a vinpocetine supplement can promote cognition.* One study found that vinpocetine enhances acute memory formation and reduces reaction time. [5] Besides enhancing memory and reducing reaction time, vinpocetine also helps support cognitive function.* A study found that when consumed at 30mg for 90 days, vinpocetine enhanced cognition, especially in the elderly. [6] Another study conducted on the elderly found that vinpocetine supplementation enhanced their ability to speak and form words. [7] It is thought that these benefits are the result of an increased accumulation of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), by way of phosphodiesterase 1 (PDE1) inhibition.

Vinpocetine Dosage

The recommended dosage is 5mg thrice daily with food.



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