Theacrine (Teacrine®)

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Theacrine (TeaCrine®) Defined:

TeaCrine® works naturally with the body to supplement energy, mental clarity and motivation. Theacrine is similar to caffeine, but is longer lasting and provides more benefits than just being a stimulant.

TeaCrine® Benefits:

  • Neurotransmission [1]
  • Mood and relaxation [2]
  • Soreness associated with intense exercise [3]
  • Motivation [2]
  • Cellular health [2]
  • Energy and focus* [4]

Theacrine and Bodybuilding

The stimulant properties of TeaCrine® benefit energy levels and motivation for longer lasting workouts. Because theacrine has nootropic properties, it can increase focus during exercise.*

In addition, TeaCrine® decreases the soreness felt from exercise, allowing you to workout harder and recover faster.*

TeaCrine® Dosage

Take three rounded red micro scoops (50mg) once daily.

TeaCrine® is a registered trademark and protected by Patents Pending, Serial No. 61/903,362; under exclusive global distribution by Compound Solutions, Inc.

Curated Reviews

“Theacrine seems to work very well for energy, mental acuity, and for pushing your body to a certain limit. Very much enjoy it in a small stack of taurine and with racetams. Noticed no ill effects whatsoever. Usually take between 100 mg to 200 mg or more. It just tapers off after a few hours. Not a psychostimulant effect, but a calming, energizing, “hey I just got a good night’s rest and I’m ready to go” kind of feeling. Plus this is pretty cheap compared to other places that offer it. Very good stuff for working out or activities that require your energy and improves endurance.” – Phil H

“Being extremely stim tolerant, I am happy with this product. It does not make you feel like you just had a powerful pre-workout, but its effect of increasing your overall energy level is without question noticeable – in my opinion. I stacked this with caffeine (having read a little on the TeaCrine website) and was very pleased with the result. I expected more “energy” in a caffeine sort of way and that is not what I experienced, but I’m not disappointed. I experienced a general “lift” in my ability to focus, stay engaged in activities, and so forth for a good two hours longer than caffeine normally allows me to do in the morning after a poor night’s sleep. A great addition to the powder city family of energy related supplements – I plan to buy again.” – Arthur A

“This TeaCrine is great enhancer of any pre-workout (tried with various brands) at 100mg. Felt could push harder, with more power and focus and use another gear with ease. Also, I’ve used it with some tea at 200 mg and 300 mg for great work in the office, writing and assignments at work! Works beautifully with caffeine (200 mg) + glucuronolactone (75 mg) and TeaCrine (100mg-200mg). Have used it for 2 months with No decrease effect or tolerance.” – Yarisa

“I think I see why some mixed reviews. If you are already taking stims/caffeine, then the KEY is to stack it with your already favorite pre-workout, Thermo, energy production or even coffee. You ONLY use it alone if a) want a slight lift without jitters or crash at night or late evening to allow yourself to get to sleep, or b) you are the rare person that is too sensitive to caffeine and can’t tolerate it (then & only then is it an alternative or substitute). The Science was just TOO SOLID to ignore, so I’ve used it in various ways for over 5 months. Depends on your goals/ experience: 1) Looking for amplifying your stim, thermogenic, coffee or pre-workout? Then simply add between 75mg all way up to 200mg depending on your caffeine or stim tolerance. It increases the benefits, enhances the clean energy, focus, drive to push through, mental performance, exercise endurance & capacity. 2) Can’t handle caffeine because you’re overstimulated, jitters, anxious? Then simply use TeaCrine alone at 75mg to 200mg and avoid jitters and side effects, but still experience elevated mood, energy, focus, etc. 3) At work, and need to get focused, multi tasks and deadlines to tackle? Take your TeaCrine along with your typical java/coffee to give you long lasting mental power, speed and clarity. Take it alone if use it late in evening, and still want to get quality sleep. There you have it. TeaCrine should be used to ENHANCE caffeine, not replace it…UNLESS you already can’t tolerate coffee or caffeine. Since TeaCrine doesn’t raise blood pressure, affect the heart rate, and simply works on brain energetics, efficiency, signaling, and decreases inflammation[…] as a secondary effect. It really is more of a higher energy, safe nootropic that is flexible and can be used with caffeine for exercise/training, or other nootropic brain health ingredients of want to spice up your business meetings, presentations, writing or other work tasks.” – Chris L



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