Lion’s Mane Mushroom 10:1 Extract 30% Polysaccharide

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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

Lion’s Mane, also known as Hericum erinaceus, is an edible mushroom with nootropic and cellular health properties. The mushroom is native to North America, Europe, and Asia where it is commonly found on hardwood trees, the American Beech in particular. Used as a traditional Chinese remedy, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract is capable of supplementing nerve growth factor (NGF), cognitive health, and a number of other cognitive benefits. [1,2] This particular extract of Lion’s Mane is derived using a hot water and ethanol extraction method.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Benefits


In regards to cognitive, this extract is able to supplement NGF, which is essential for the proliferation and survival of neurons. Lion’s Mane extract is also able to benefit the stimulation of myelination (the production of the myelin sheath).* [3] This is the protective layer that forms around the axon of a neuron and is essential for the nervous system to function correctly.


Lion’s Mane Extract has positive implications in promoting healthy mood.* [4] In a four-week human study, participants who consumed Lion’s Mane extract via cookies saw a significantly benefited mood over those who took the placebo. [4]

Lion’s Mane Dosage

The proper Lion’s Mane dosage depends on the strength of the extract. For Lion’s Mane 10:1 Extract (30% polysaccharide) individuals should take 500-1000mg one to three times per day. When first taking this supplement, start with the lowest effective dose.

Synonyms:Hericium erinaceus

Curated Reviews

“Have just received my 50g of Lion’s Mane today, I’m very happy with the price and the packaging, it came in a sealed silver packet, with a 1cc scoop attached to it as well, which is pretty convenient. The product arrived a day late, but that’s to be expected when shipping to Australia. The product smells like some kind of oriental spice, but has a somewhat mild, bitter taste, though it doesn’t concern me, as I put my powdered products in gelatin capsules. I highly recommend Powder City, and I look forward to my trial of Lion’s Mane.”– Jarred

“I love pc, they always are great at delivering my products. I usually buy the Lions mane liquid extract but I wanted to go powder because of the price. You can tell the difference in taking the liquid extract but I wasn’t getting the same effects with the powder until I read that you need to take it with hot water. Once I started using this method I had the effects kick in. So try hot water about 4-5 Oz with your dose of lion’s mane. (I put the Lions mane in first, and let the hot water dissolve it. Use tea hot not faucet hot)”– Lawrence

“As we all do on occasion, I received a request from PC to review a product, in this case Lion’s Mane. I love the stuff. I know how it’s supposed to taste based on personal experience and this stuff from PC is spot on. I have no clue if it’s having any effect on me, but there are hundreds of studies confirming various health benefits from mushrooms in general, and I suspect that many of those studies apply to some of the ingredients in this particular shroom. Dr. Greger ( recommended eating a CUP of mushrooms EVERY DAY and I’m just not going to do that. If we ate everything that studies suggest we should eat, we’d spend all our waking hours chewing on plants. I eat a plenty healthy diet but I add a lot of nutriceuticals such as lion’s mane, cordyceps, and reishi mushrooms, plus lots of adaptogen herbs, spices, veggie extract powders, spirulina, etc. This way I can get all the benefits that would come from eating 100 pounds of plants per day, without having to eat constantly. I recommend learning to savor the intense and unique flavors of your herbs and supplements, rather than having to dump them in smoothies or juice to cover up the taste. Learn to love what’s good for you, it’s a very easy thing to do if you open your mind to it. This lion’s mane is one of the most yummy things I’ve ever tasted, so it’s like getting a special treat twice a day when I take my 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of it.”– George H.

“So after experimenting with Lion’s mane I came to the conclusion that it was acting in a way that was very subtle. At first I tried it during the daytime, which resulted an extreme sense of Calmness that was on the verge of making me very tired and wanting to sleep. Then I tried consuming it before bed. WOW… After many experiments, I have come to the conclusion that this was SIGNIFICANTLY helping my sleep. I will wake up extremely level headed, calm and positive, ready to “seize the day” HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”– Lucas A.



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