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Uridine has gained attention for its therapeutic potential in various diseases of the circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems [1]. After crossing the blood-brain barrier, uridine acts as a neuroprotectant, as well as a building block of brain phosphatides and synapse formation [2][3].

Benefits and Effects

Elevated Cognition and Memory

It is believed that uridine is able to carry out memory-enhancing functions primarily by enhancing neurite outgrowth and activating synaptic protein synthesis [4].

Improved Synaptic Function

A 2009 study showed that uridine and DHA increased both neurites and dendritic spine levels, thus increasing synapse formation and inhibiting cognitive decline [5].


One study showed the anxiolytic action of uridine in a laboratory mouse model. Results indicated that anxiety states were ameliorated via uridine’s central serotonin-negative mechanism of action [6].

One study evaluated the effects of uridine supplementation on adolescents with depressive symptoms, and found that uridine was associated with a decrease in symptoms on the Children’s Depression Rating Scale. [7].

A 2013 study observed a decrease in stress-induced aggressive behaviour in previously isolated laboratory mice as a result of oral uridine supplementation [8].

Heart Health

A Russian study evaluated the impact of uridine and its derivative nucleotides on coronary flow and heart rate in a laboratory rat model. Results indicated that, though there was no impact on heart rate, uridine yielded a protective effect in terms of coronary flow and dilation [9].

Moreover, research indicates that uridine adenosine tetraphosphate may contribute to cardiovascular homeostasis by acting on endothelial and smooth muscle cells [10].

Treatment of Bronchial Asthma

Uridine has demonstrated anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic mechanisms in laboratory animal models of lung injury and/or bronchial asthma. One study found that oral uridine supplementation reduced leukocytes and inflammatory cytokines in male mice exhibiting acute lung injury [11].

How it works

Uridine monophosphate refers to uridine in its monomer form [12]. Uridine monophosphate’s primary mechanism of action lies in its signaling ability to induce the brain to produce CDP-choline, signaling the neurotransmitters phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine. [13].

Uridine monophosphate also plays a pivotal role in the metabolism of galactose, a monosaccharide sugar essential for the glycolysis pathway. [14].


The standard uridine dosage for cognitive benefit is 150-250 mg twice daily [15].

Side Effects

Uridine supplementation could be carcinogenic. Uridine homeostasis was pharmacologically disrupted in laboratory mice, uracil caused DNA damage that in turn induced spontaneous tumorigenesis. [16].

Side effects such as headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and/or vomiting have been reported in uridine monophosphate supplementation [17].


Uridine and Choline or CDP-Choline

Consuming choline in eggs, meat, poultry, dairy, wheat, or fish, or via supplement, supports uridine’s mechanism of action and may inhibit side effects such as headaches or abdominal pain [18].

Uridine and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

In conjunction these have been shown to accelerate synaptic formation and increase brain phospholipids in vivo. [19]

Uridine and Alpha-GPC

Alpha-GPC is a cholinergic cognitive enhancer that has gained some attention in clinical research as a potential therapeutic agent against Alzheimer’s dementia [20].


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