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BCAA Powder: A Staple for the Fitness Enthusiast

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are popular in the fitness community due to their benefits relating to muscle tone, recovery time, and more.

Instantized BCAA Powder Key Features:

  • 5g of 2:1:1 BCAAs per serving
  • Pre-Intra-Post Workout Fuel
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
  • Reduces Muscular Fatigue
  • 100% Pure Powder, No Fillers

Branched Chain Amino Acids Defined

The three amino acids that are considered BCAAs consist of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. All three amino acids are essential, meaning they must be consumed through diet or supplementation.


Leucine is the main Branched Chain Amino Acid and is the most widely studied. This amino acid”™s main responsibility is protein metabolism. [1] Supplementing proper protein synthesis promotes lean muscle tissue and increases time to muscle fatigue.* Increased protein metabolism also allows the muscles to remain in an anabolic state for a longer period of time.


Isoleucine is an amino acid that promotes glucose uptake. [2] Proteins are not the only nutrients muscles require for proper functioning. Glucose increases muscular energy allowing for longer and more strenuous workouts.


Like isoleucine, valine increases glucose uptake, but its main benefit is maintaining proper nitrogen balance in the body.* [3]

BCAA Benefits

Though all three are beneficial when taken alone, combining them creates a fitness boosting powerhouse.


Using this supplement aids in reducing fatigue, by decreasing tryptophan and serotonin uptake. Tryptophan and serotonin levels increase during exercise, causing sedation. [4] These amino acids increase muscle endurance as they cause increased protein synthesis and glucose uptake as well as improved respiratory exchange ratio (RER). [5] RER is the ratio of carbon dioxide and oxygen consumed in a breath.*

Several studies show this supplement also benefits mental endurance during exercise. [6,7] Another study shows that these supplements minimize the short term memory deficits experienced during intense exercise.* [8]

Increase Strength with BCAA Supplements

Along with increasing endurance, BCAA supplementation greatly benefits strength. This is due to the mTOR activation. The mTOR signaling pathway regulates cell metabolism and growth.* [9]

Muscles depend on glycogen stores for energy expenditure. Since BCAAs preserve glycogen, an benefit of strength is noted during exercise.* [10]

Body Composition and Muscle Growth

A study following trained men completing an eight week weightlifting plan concluded BCAAs outperform whey protein in overall body composition. Citrulline and glutamine supplements were also consumed during the trial. [11]

One study shows mTOR activation is present even when the body is at rest when BCAAs are taken. [12] This causes the body to fight off catabolism thus decreasing recovery time and increasing the muscle growth window.

When to Take BCAA Supplements

BCAAs can be taken several times throughout the day. Most athletes consume them before, during, or after exercise and first thing in the morning on rest days.

BCAA Powder Dosage

On training days, we suggest one serving (2 scant 5cc scoops) blended into 8-12oz. of cold water or sports drink, either before, during, or after your workout. On non-training days, take one serving (2 scant 5cc scoops) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Consuming BCAAs before bed and upon waking can help the body maximize the anabolic qualities of a good nights sleep. Overall, 5g up to three times daily would be an effective dosage for an individual looking for health and performance benefits.


What is amino ratio of Powder City’s BCAAs?

We use a ratio of 2:1:1, leucine to isoleucine and valine. The 2:1:1 ratio allows for the occurrence of protein synthesis, while maintaining energy and lessening fatigue.

What is the best way to counter-act the taste of unflavored BCAAs?

With our BCAAs being unflavored, some may desire to mask the taste with flavorings or sweeteners. We suggest our Monk Fruit Extract, Stevia,or you can create your own BCAA capsules using our encapsulation kit.

What are the benefits of using BCAAs?

BCAAs have multiple uses, such as keeping the body anabolic state, preventing the breakdown of muscle and promoting a healthy immune system.

How should I use BCAAs in a stack?

Ultimately, how you choose to incorporate BCAAs into a stack is dependent upon your goals. They can be used as a versatile tool in gaining muscle, losing fat or promoting overall health. As the main purpose of BCAAs are to promote protein synthesis, both Creatine and Citrulline Malate would be excellent choices in order to keep your body in an anabolic state.

Curated Reviews

“These are not only the least expensive BCAAs I have found, complimented by quick, timely shipping, they are also the highest quality. I have used other big company name brands in the past, and just by looking at the powder, the feel of it, how it dissolves (or shouldn’t dissolve) in water isn’t even comparable. Powder City is the only place I will purchase my branch chain amino acids from.”““ Rocco M

“I’ve now have ordered 5 different products from Powder City. The quality of the products have been superior. The value received for each dollar spent in phenomenal. I’ve been using this Instantized BCAA powder for about 10 days. I’ve been taking 5 grams before workout, 5 grams immediately after workout, and 5 grams 2-3 hours after workout. The product mixes extremely well…no lumps. The taste takes some getting used to….it kinda reminds me of soapy water. But I’m used to some powder supplements not tasting good…arginine and longjack for instance. I am seeing some great gains in strength and muscle size as of late. I’m not sure if the BCAA’s are the reason as I have added some other supplements besides. However, at the price of this product I will continue to use. I have nothing to lose and based on what I’ve read elsewhere I have plenty to gain. GREAT Product.”““ Michael S.

“Great price compared to the brand name BCAA products from other sellers. The powder is much finer than what I’ve gotten from other brands as well, which make it dissolve in water a lot better. Tastes just like I’d expect unflavored BCAAs to taste, which I know bothers some people but I don’t mind it. I would definitely recommend Powder City BCAAs to anyone looking for good deals on unflavored BCAAs.”““ Anthony D.

“Anybody who is taking BCAAs for the extra ‘nudge’ for results or recovery knows that you can go through them quickly and they aren’t particularly cheap at supplement stores. This product from Powder City solves these problems. I got 1kg (1000g) for a similar price that I could get 350g or so from a supplement store. There were shipped and arrived so quickly that I probably got them quicker than if I had made the time to get over to the store. I won’t order BCAAs from any other place, this wasn’t my first order from Powder City and it sure won’t be my last.”““ Sean B.

“First – you need to flavor this stuff on your own. That should be obvious. It is not hard or expensive to do. These BCAAs seem to be of the highest quality. I find it difficult to induce significant DOMS when using a single 13 gram scoop on even the most ruthless of leg workouts. My recovery right now is great, and I credit the use of BCAAs for a good portion of that. Highly recommended.”““ Nick M.

“My wife is a NPC Figure Competitor, and I try to stay in good enough shape to make her look good when I tag along 🙂 One of our biggest expenses has been 2:1:1 BCAAs, and Powder City’s offering has cut that bill in half (from what it was with other bulk supp companies) — and probably a third or even a quarter of what it would be if we were to buy through GNC… for a product that is less likely to be pure. This product has a slight tell-tale “meaty soy sauce” odor, which might be off-putting to the uninformed observer, but it is actually evidence that it’s pure and properly instantiated. It does not impart any flavor really though: we include it in our pre/post/during workout mixes, along with our wakeup and bedtime shakes, without any adverse mixing/flavor consequences. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been on a cutting phase, and being able to take ample BCAAs without breaking the bank–thanks to this product–is part of the reason I’ve been able to cut six pounds already without losing any strength or muscle mass. If I wasn’t already a huge fan of Powder City, this product would have sealed the deal. Thanks, and keep up the great work Powder City!”““ William T.

“Tastes a bit bitter; smells a bit strange: just like any other unflavoured BCAA powder. Powder is very fine, dissolves completely, works great. To cover its bitter taste, it is best to use citrus flavour that has sourness and natural bitterness (like Grapefruit). Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator in Lemon Lime flavour works great: it completely covers BCAA bitterness. Add a little Stevia Leaf Extract to level up the sweetness. 6g BCAA: use 3.250g Vega 50mg Stevia Extract 500ml water. or 8g BCAAs: use 3.725g Vega 75mg Stevia Extract 500ml water. *Studies show that a minimum 8g of BCAA is needed to produce proper anabolic effect. *If you use BCAA powder Pre, Intro or Post workout, you can substitute Stevia Leaf Extract with 15g of Dextrose for a slight insulin spike which will result in better nutrients delivery and a boost in physical and mental energy. *Vega Sport Electrolytes Hydrator can be found on Amazon. BCAA are invaluable for recovery and growth.”““ Max W.



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