Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

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What is CLA Supplement?

CLA is comprised of several polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids and is naturally found in meats and dairy. Consuming CLA in supplemental form vs. solely through food allows you to reap more of its nutrient partitioning benefits, as the CLA content of meat and dairy is highly dependent on the diet of the animal.

CLA Supplement Benefits

CLA Pills Promote Muscle and Healthy Body Composition

Nutrient partitioning is particularly valuable to athletes and individuals that push their physical performance. CLA pushes nutrients to muscle tissue and promotes body composition, resulting in enhanced recovery, and better lean body mass. [1] CLA has been shown to increase metabolism by 4%. [1]

Benefits to body composition were exponential in groups consuming CLA vs. placebo, as demonstrated by the American College of Sports Medicine. [2] A yearlong study observing CLA noted that groups consuming CLA vs. placebo drastically improved healthy body composition, independent of diet and exercise. [3]

CLA Dosage

To experience the maximum benefits of CLA, individuals should consume 2 capsules (2,000mg) daily.

Synonyms: Rumenic Acid, CLA



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