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Found in many regions in Southeast Asia, Tongkat Ali is a plant that many have used in various forms of folk medication, tonics and treatments throughout the years. It has been used to treat many commonly occurring ailments and recent studies indicate that it can actually impact stress hormones, which is just one of the many Tongkat Ali benefits to be discussed.

The supplement is reported to help as not only a powerful sexual aid but is also a natural way of boosting testosterone.[6]

Since the early days of its first use, the Tongkat Ali root has been the primary source. Many users would boil the roots into a sort of tonic used universally as their main form of treatment. Now it is more common to see uses including Tongkat Ali root extract and Tongkat Ali powder instead.

Use of a Tongkat Ali supplement is touted today to impact individual’s levels of energy, his or her weight loss, and even his or her athletic performance. This is mainly believed to be due to the compound’s ability to reduce stress hormones in users. [1]

When looking to buy Tongkat Ali, it can be found in both pill capsule form (to be taken orally) and powder form (to be mixed into liquid beverages). The availability of these methods of Tongkat Ali extract has negated the need to utilize the raw root itself.

Many organic supplements, including organic Tongkat Ali, lack the necessary scientific testing to fully prove the validity of some purported benefits, such as an increase in libido and male fertility, but some have been consistently reported in user reviews to the extend that they can be considered regular benefits of the supplement.

Tongkat Ali is also known as Longjack, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, Malaysian Ginseng, Cay Ba Binh, and Pasak Bumi among others commonly used names. [2]

Benefits and Effects

Weight Loss

While there is slight evidence to suggest that Tongkat Ali can impact weight loss, there are also a few inconsistencies with the data. This includes the results that people who were considered to be slightly more overweight to begin with saw more significant impacts on their weight loss while using the supplement. However, those who were closer to what is considered a healthy weight for their body mass index saw little improvement in their rate of weight loss. Since the results were varied, they cannot necessarily be used to negate Tongkat Ali’s impact on weight loss as a whole, as those who were at a higher BMI did see more success while using the supplement. [1]

Stress Control

As stated above, Tongkat Ali is believed to impact the production and release of certain stress hormones, which can directly impact the mood of the individual user. Studies have shown that users report feeling less tension, anger, and confusion when using the supplement regularly. [1] They have also reported to feel that their overall stress levels seem to be decreased significantly and that they find themselves able to function on a daily basis more normally. [3] As with weight loss, this is one of the biggest benefits of Tongkat Ali for women or of Tongkat Ali for female users.

Stronger Erections

This is one of the less provable benefits of Tongkat Ali, but it is definitely something that has appeared more often in reviews of the product. Individuals have been known to take specific Tongkat Ali dosage for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) in the hopes of achieving a healthier erection. While it is not fully believed to be a natural replacement for regular prescription or over the counter ED medication, it is something that many believe is able to help the ailment that faces many men. There have not been significant links to Tongkat Ali and testosterone levels in male users, so the evidence to support this benefit is based almost solely on user reviews of the supplement, but that isn’t to say that this is not a benefit many will see if they choose to try out the natural supplement on their own. [1]

Tongkat Ali and Testosterone

The primary benefit on Longjack, or Tongkat Ali extract, is that it helps to raise your levels of free testosterone naturally.[12] This is actually quite important since the lions share of testosterone that circulates throughout the body is bound by a protein called the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Once your testosterone has become bound in this fashion it is considered ineffective, at least in terms of promoting all the benefits you have come to expect from natural testosterone. With an increased level of testosterone, it also becomes easier to build muscle and achieve top fitness levels. This can lead to gains in lean muscle mass as well as strength in weight training individuals.[9]

Tongkat Ali Sexual Enhancement Benefits

Although it is somewhat unclear exactly how, Longjack is able to act as an aphrodisiac. There have been a number of studies bearing this out, including rat models showing those who took the supplement had more frequent erections and showed more interest in the females in their cage. This has been shown to lead to a higher sex drive, increased libido, and produce longer, harder, and more spontaneous erections.[8]

Tongkat Ali Additional Benefits

Researchers have also determined several non-sexual related effects of Longjack. This includes being able to show significant cytotoxicity against unhealthy human lung and breast cell lines.[5] Additional benefits include increased bone mineral density, an improved sense of well-being, and reduced stress levels.[7,8,11]

Other Benefits

A few other reported benefits that have not been studied in depth include an increase libido or sex drive in the user. This again could possibly be tied to an increase in testosterone, which hasn’t had significant study done on it. As briefly mentioned above, the stress reduction factor of the supplement can also be used as a mood booster, helping users to feel generally happier. Another one of the Tongkat Ali benefits for male users is the possible increase in fertility, with certain reports of healthier sperm being present. [1]

How It Works

Since Tongkat Ali is a more natural supplement and has been used in an organic form for years, the methods of its actual effectiveness on the human body can still remain somewhat unclear to us. It started out as an herbal remedy, which means there was never really much study done on the components that make up the substance.

However, new research has recently revealed small peptides present in the plant that are called eurypeptides. These are commonly known to impact the energy of users, and they have also been found to increase the sex drive of rodent subjects when implemented during studies. [2]

Tongkat Ali root powder is the modern replacement for the tonics that used to be concocted by boiling the physical roots. This has quickly become the best Tongkat Ali method for seeing its benefits, whether it be taken through capsule or powder form.


Since it is typically considered a natural herbal remedy, there is not really a set standard for dosage. However, the typical dosage that many ingest is between 200 and 800 milligrams. A happy medium comes in the form of Tongkat Ali pure extract 500g. [1]

Tongkat Ali is fine to be taken on an empty stomach. The only caution that really must be taken when using the supplement is to be very aware of the potency of the extract you are using to avoid overdosing.

If you choose to buy  Tongkat Ali Standardized Extract then it’s important to understand that Tongkat Ali capsules are standardized to 2% Eurycomanone, which is the active compound in Tongkat Ali. Although. Most companies advertise different extract ratios of Longjack; however, these ratios mean little because they are not verifiable.

Side Effects

Again, since this is a naturally occurring supplement that rarely undergoes any type of modification in its transition into powder or extract form, there are few side effects. The effects of the compound on estrogen levels is unknown, and therefore women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are best to avoid use while doing so, but other than that there are few things to worry about in regards to dangerous side effects.

As stated above, always be wary of the potency ratio of the Tongkat Ali you are consuming. It is also extremely important to always be aware of the legitimacy of where to buy Tongkat Ali and to ensure that it is as pure as the seller says it is.


One common combination is Tongkat Ali with the purportedly anti-anxiety compound Ashwagandha to help amplify that result in the user on a longer-term basis. Many users also choose to stack this with certain bodybuilding supplements like pre-workouts or recovery protein powder by helping to balance hormone levels and aid in recovery by reducing stress you undergo. [4] One of these common stacks includes the supplement Carnitine because it is also believed to assist in muscle growth in the time after a workout. [5]


Do I need to cycle tongkat ali?

Individuals should cycle tongkat ali to avoid tolerance build up. An example cycle would be five days on with two days off.

Can women take tongkat ali?

Yes, women can take tongkat ali. Women often experience some of the same benefits as men including, energy, and mood balance. Women should start at half the recommended dosage to assess tolerance levels.


“I’ve had a long relationship with Tongkat. I used to buy from a supplier in Canada – best quality I’ve ever had, but super expensive. So I tried finding my own source, which led to a lot of frustration. 100:1 or 200:1 is meaningless. It just means they start off with, say, 100 times more plant material than they end up with in the final extract product. It doesn’t speak to the strength of the source material, the process used, etc. Additionally, it is my understanding that Tongkat has to be kept from air and heat. So I had trouble finding something that came close to the super-bitter stuff I got from my source in Canada. I kept asking myself – “Why can’t they standardize this stuff?”. Finally, Powder City has come through with the holy grail – a standardized Tongkat. It’s pretty bitter, and that’s a good indication of potency. A good dose for me is a heaping .5cc (1/2 cc) scoopful. I combine with Horny Goat Weed extract, and Powder City has a good one for that, too. Remember you can’t take it constantly – some say 5 days on/2 days off, and some say 2 weeks on/one week off. General recommendation seems to be somewhere between 33% and 40% off cycle time. I don’t know what happens if you don’t respect the off cycle time, I just have always respected it.  David S.

“Used 10 grams of this so far, what I can say is that this is not like other herbs that are subtle in nature, you can DEFINITELY feel this working. Raise in mood, motivation and a substantial increase in aggression. Not that it makes you on edge, quite the opposite you are in a good mood, but if someone crosses your path… lets say you are quick to respond. Must take days off, but used sparingly, one of the most effective supplements I’ve used, and definitely one of the strongest. Daniel B.


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