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Alpha-glycerophosphocholine, or Alpha GPC, is a choline supplement with dozens of documented cognitive and physical benefits. In addition to enhancing workout performance, Alpha GPC may also slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by strengthening communication between cellular membranes, Although most people ingest sufficient amounts of choline through their diet, supplementation is believed to have therapeutic uses. Alpha GPC is considered a nootropic due to its brain boosting abilities.

Benefits and Effects

Human and animal studies suggest that Alpha GPC choline supplements could have the following uses:

Promoting a Healthy Liver

Choline is vital to overall liver functions, so Alpha GPC can help heal damage caused by fatty liver disease. [1]

Alleviating Asthma Symptoms

Since choline has anti-inflammatory properties, Alpha GPC could improve symptoms of inflammatory illnesses like asthma. [2]

Treating Multiple Sclerosis

By increasing myelin production, choline supplements have improved motor coordination in animals with multiple sclerosis. [3]

Enhancing Cognitive Performance

Taking choline increases acetylcholine levels, which protects against cognitive decline and nervous system degeneration. [4] [5] Studies also suggest that choline supplements can improve attention and memory. [5] [6]

Improving Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

Studies have shown that increasing choline intake has helped patients with mild Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease see improvements in both cognition and motor coordination. [5]

Lowering Cancer Risk

Choline is necessary for breaking down homocysteine, which is associated with breast cancer, so choline supplements may lower your risk of developing certain types of cancer. [7] [8]

Helping Bipolar Disorder, Autism and Schizophrenia Symptoms

Research on rodents suggests that prenatal choline supplementation reduces the risk of offspring developing autism and schizophrenia. [9] Choline supplements may also complement medications for treating bipolar disorder. [10] However, it is important to note that no safety studies have been conducted on pregnant women taking Alpha GPC, so it should only be taken prior to, not during, pregnancy.

Speeding Up Recovery From Brain Injuries

Choline may hasten recovery from traumatic brain injuries especially if supplements are taken regularly prior to the traumatic event. [5]

Boosting Athletic Performance

In one study, high levels of Alpha GPC improved athletes’ weight lifting performance. [11] Low choline levels have been associated with muscle damage, so supplementation can enhance your endurance by keeping your muscles strong. [12]

Decreasing Appetite

High doses of choline can curb hunger, so Alpha GPC could be helpful for individuals with strict dietary limitations. [13]

Stopping Drug Addiction

Research suggests that choline supplementation can decrease dependence on addictive substances like cocaine. [5]

Ensuring Proper Fetal Development

Choline is vital to the development of the brain and nervous system, so maternal consumption of Alpha GPC choline supplements before pregnancy can aid normal fetal development. [14] It has been suggested that choline supplementation could even reduce neurocognitive deficits related to fetal alcohol syndrome, but children should not be given Alpha GPC, nor should expectant mothers. [15]

Breaking Down Lipids

Choline helps break down unmetabolized lipids and increases absorptive surface area in the intestines. Consequently, Alpha GPC helps your body take in nutrients. [16]

Clearing Up Glaucoma Symptoms

Glaucoma patients who were given a choline supplement saw significant improvements in their eyesight. [17]

Strengthening the Heart

By breaking down homocysteine and lowering blood pressure, Alpha GPC may also lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. [18]

How It Works

What Does Alpha GPC Do?

Alpha GPC is made up of choline, glycerol and phosphate. The active ingredient is choline while the other two assist with metabolism. Choline plays an important role in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is vital to cognitive functions such as memory, learning and concentration.

How Does Alpha GPC Work?

By boosting levels of available choline, Alpha GPC promotes acetylcholine production thus acting as a neuroprotectant. Alpha GPC also promotes neuronal functioning by improving communication across cell membranes. In other words, it protects your brain cells from damage. [4] [5]

Additionally, Alpha GPC assists the pituitary glands in the production of somatropin, better known as human growth hormone, or HGH. Since HGH stimulates cell growth and repair, many athletes take Alpha GPC before bodybuilding workouts because it improves recovery time while increasing strength and lean muscle mass. [20] Based on anecdotal Alpha GPC reviews online, some users have also noticed a connection between Alpha GPC and lucid dreaming.

How is Alpha GPC Made? Where Does Alpha GPC Come From?

Everybody naturally produces Alpha GPC, but it can be created synthetically or taken from other animals.

What Foods Contain Alpha GPC?

Since many mammals produce it naturally, humans can get Alpha GPC from eating red meats.

Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline

The two most thoroughly studied choline supplements are Alpha GPC and CDP choline. The only major difference between the two is how the body metabolizes them, but both seem to have the same benefits. Experiment to find out which one works best for you.


For athletes wishing to enhance their performance and increase HGH secretion, a dose of 300-600mg daily before working out is recommended. For combatting symptoms of cognitive and neurological decline, a total daily intake of 1,200mg split into three 400mg doses seems to be most effective. Because Alpha GPC is water soluble, it’s fast acting when taken orally. Alpha GPC powder can be mixed with juice or other beverages, but you can also find Alpha GPC pills.

When determining how much Alpha GPC to take, keep in mind that the body can only process so much at once, which is why larger doses should be split up. Also while you’re deciding when to take Alpha GPC, keep in mind the link between Alpha GPC and insomnia. Therefore, it may be best to avoid taking Alpha GPC before bed. Athletes should take Alpha GPC pre workout.

Where to Buy Alpha GPC?

You can legally purchase Alpha GPC in bulk online from companies across the globe.

What Does Alpha GPC Taste Like?

It has a noticeably sweet tastes, so it is tolerable when dissolved in water. You can also mix it with other non-fizzy drinks.

Side Effects

Alpha GPC is safe for most adults, but mild side effects such as headaches, nervousness, fatigue, diarrhea and nausea have been reported. Avoid taking Alpha GPC on an empty stomach to lessen gastrointestinal symptoms.

Dizziness and low blood pressure are also possible, which is why individuals with hypotension should seek advice from a medical professional before trying Alpha GPC. Individuals who take the drug scopolamine shouldn’t take Alpha GPC due to potential negative interactions.

There have been no reported Alpha GPC overdoses, but side effects seem to become more likely with increased dosages. Although choline is believed to have prenatal benefits, not enough studies have been conducted on how Alpha GPC affects pregnant women to ensure its safety for fetuses. While choline promotes heart health, too much choline can result in a buildup of TMAO, which may heighten your risk of cardiovascular problems. [19]


About Alpha-GPC Powder 50%

  • No clumping: Unlike competing Alpha-GPC powders, Powder City’s Alpha-GPC goes through a custom manufacturing process to prevent moisture absorption
  • Tested for purity
  • Supplements healthy cognition and memory*
  • Includes 1.25cc scoop for easy dosing
  • Comes in re-sealable bag to maintain freshness

Alpha GPC stacks well with other nootropics like racetams. Alpha GPC and Noopept is a particularly popular pairing. Since aniracetam, piracetam, pramiracetam and oxiracetam all rely on acetylcholine, Alpha GPC can maximize the potential of all these supplements. It also mitigates the “racetam headache” that some people experience when taking nootropics. Alpha GPC and Huperzine A can enhance each others’ neuroprotective properties since they both increase acetylcholine in the brain.

Alpha-GPC enhances the effects of pre-workout products, bringing its benefits of focus and power to your workouts to make them as effective as possible.


Why just 50%?

Alpha-gpc is a hygroscopic supplement, meaning it absorbs water with ease. When water is absorbed the supplement can clump or turn into a paste making supplementing difficult. You will also see some companies using dicalcium phosphate with their alpha-gpc for these purposes. Silicon dioxide has a much better absorption rate which allows for the product to have a greater shelf life.

Silicon dioxide is not water soluble so only the alpha-gpc will dissolve when mixing in a beverage.

What if this supplement doesn’t work for me?

Everyone reacts differently to different choline sources. We carry many cholinergics including cdp choline, choline bitartrate, centrophenoxine, and phosphatidylserine.


“I’m new to nootropics and Powder City, and I’m still learning the right combinations for me. First of all, Powder City has been a great company to order merchandise from my initial order, through the tracking of merchandise sent to my e-mail to keep tabs on it, and ultimately receiving my purchase in excellent condition, on time, and the product itself worthy of my review/time here. Alpha-GPC 50 has worked well for me. I noticed better concentration and a heightened ability to recall information on demand within an hour or two after consumption. In my profession I have to have the utmost concentration and information/memory available instantaneously with absolute accuracy. So when I experience “it” as I have, then I know this is a good product. Of course I’ve combined Alpha-GPC with other nootropics, but this is the one I keep using consistently with different variations, so it’s a star for me. I highly recommend Powder City for the quality of their product(s), prices, and service. Thank you and I have shared your company information with others.”– Rabbit


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