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Tianeptine Oxalate is a recently found chemical cousin of the well known Tianeptine Sodium. So let us briefly describe Tianeptine Sodium.

Tianeptine sodium is a popular chemical that is often produced in both a sulfate and sodium form.  Its an anxiolytic tricyclic antidepressant. [9] It has been used in the treatment of dementia, PTSD; and may improve overall mental focus and agility. [7,9] 


Tianeptine sodium is prescribed in some countries to treat depression and calm anxiety, as it is also used in the treatment of ADHD. [2] 


How Tianepine Sodium Works


Tianeptine Sodium has significant influence on cognitive function in regard to aiding in the treatment of stress-related mental impairments. [10] Tianeptine sodium may help improve the brain’s overall plasticity. [1] Not only would this be good for people with normal brain-functioning, but it would very likely help people who have suffered brain trauma, damage, or for those who suffer from depressive disorders. [10]



Tianeptine Oxalate


Tianeptine oxalate was patented in 2016. [7] It may be a superior version of tianeptine, showing promise as a more stable and efficient compound.  It possesses the same qualities as that of its more well-known sulfate and sodium forms; however, it’s physical properties allow it to go a few steps further. 

With reportedly fewer side effects than a number of other related compounds, [10] tianeptine oxalate seems to have a more selective binding profile to receptor sites. [7] If true, this means tianeptine oxalate may be a huge benefit to many patients [7] and may even be considered an enhanced version of tianeptine sodium. 

Unique Mechanism

Tianeptine differs from traditional tricyclic antidepressants with its mechanism of action. [9] It is thought to be more closely associated with the restoration of the plasticity of the brain’s membranes and cell walls. [5] This might help in greatly repairing stress-related brain damages that occur from minor and major depressive disorders, age-related mental degradation, and various forms of dementia and other disorders. [6,9,10] 

Another unique feature that might make tianeptine oxalate a far superior chemical in comparison to tianeptine sodium or other chemicals of its class is tianeptine oxalate’s melting point. Research shows it as having a higher melting point (above 200 degrees celsius) than as compared to tianeptine sulfate or tianeptine sodium. Tests have shown that it starts melting and decomposing at the same time. [7] 

Tianeptine Oxalate (TNX-601) Patent

The patent of tianeptine oxalate addresses it’s supposed effect on mental disorders. [7] These include acute stress disorder; persistent depressive disorder, major depressive disorder, bipolar depression, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. [6,7] 

In just the last few months we have seen news about this new compound, by Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. [8] Tonix is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with a focus on creating and testing products that help aid or treat neuropsychiatric conditions. [8] Tonix announced, on February 27, 2019, [8] that the European Patent Office (EPO) issued European Patent No. 3246031: The patent, “Method for Treating Neurodegenerative Dysfunction,” makes a claim that their tianeptine oxalate and other salts, ‘TNX-601,’ might be used for treatment of corticosteroid-induced neurocognitive dysfunction. [6] 

For the time being it is expected that this patent will provide exclusivity of TNX-601 until April of 2029. [8] It’s worth noting that patents claiming the use of tianeptine oxalate and it’s structural analogs and salts have already been filed in North America and Europe before this, however. [8] 


Bioavailability and Processing

More study is needed, as research is still being conducted on this chemical. However, tianeptine oxalate may be of greater benefit than its predecessors for a variety of reasons. [7, 8] For one thing, it may be more bioavailable [8] and also, researchers say it is much easier and more dexterous in its ability to be processed into tianeptine sodium. [7,8] 


Tianeptine Oxalate may be more stable and have much lower hygroscopicity than in tianeptine sodium, meaning tianeptine oxalate may be more able to stay intact for a longer period of time. [7] If this is true it may be more dependable structurally, and it should be possible to use it’s increased physical durability to make better pharmaceuticals. [7,8] One way may be to make more controlled time-release medicines, allowing for tianeptine oxalate’s beneficial effects to last for a much longer time. Also, increased stability may help it for not only a longer duration but also for more specific or precise amounts of time than previously allowable with tianeptine sodium. [7, 8] 

Patients with Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia may be treated with a selective serotonin reuptake enhancer (SSRE) such as tianeptine oxalate. [4] This, in our opinion, makes it one of the most exciting nootropic antidepressants to become available over the last number of years. 

Tianeptine may reverse the loss of neuronal synapses; [6, 9] thus, synaptic connections could become strengthened, allowing a person to become more mentally capable. [7] As the brain ages, synaptic activity can become slower and weaker, and a chemical like this could allow the brain to repair itself better and hopefully fight against various forms of dementia. [4,6,9,10] 

Patients with PTSD 

Though known as a mood-boosting substance [2] and helpful in the treatment of ADHD, [2] there are other uses for it, insists Seth Lederman, M.D., president and chief executive officer of Tonix. 

Lederman says tianeptine oxalate is possibly, “Not only for steroid-induced neurocognitive impairment, but also as a daytime treatment for PTSD. We are conducting a non-IND human pharmacokinetic study of a proprietary tianeptine oxalate formulation and expect to have data in the second half of this year.” [8] 


Obviously, increased brain activity and synaptic activity would be of great benefit, and we hope further research helps further verify the current research. Tianeptine oxalate is also said to help repair long-term damage of neuronal plasticity by stabilizing healthy levels of glutamate in the amygdala, as well as in the hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex. [6,7] 

What this means is that tianeptine oxalate may help many people who have suffered from a number of long term mental damage and can potentially become much more mentally capable and functional. 

Nootropic Benefits 

In addition, SSRE chemicals may not only help by healing mental loss in patients, but may protect against future mental loss for average and currently-healthy people. [3, 5] Allowing for the brain to become more agile and functional would obviously be of great benefit to people with neurological disorders, but also aid in those with currently healthy cognitive abilities looking to increase their alertness and mental agility.


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Tianeptine Oxalate

Tianeptine Oxalate

Anxiety Support
Depression Support
Improve Memory
Mental Health
Mood Support