Rhodiola Rosea (Salidroside 3%)

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Synonyms: Rosavin, Rosenroot, Rhodiola Rhizome, Golden Root, Arctic Root, Rhidola

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What Is Rhodiola Rosea?

Rhodiola is an herb that appears in Chinese and Scandinavian therapeutic history, it is found at high altitudes in northern Europe and Russia, and can also be found on some North American coastlines. [1]

This extract has adaptogenic properties and is thought to promote longevity, reduce fatigue and lessen the physical and mental effects of stress. It has also been speculated that the Vikings used Rhodiola Rosea to preserve physical robustness. [2]

Rhodiola Rosea Extract Containing 3% Salidroside

The root of this herb, which is the part of the plant that is used as a supplement, contains a number of compounds. Among these are tyrosol, rosin, rosarian, rosavin, and salidroside. [10] Tyrosol promotes cellular health and is thought to be the main active ingredient that gives this root its benefits. Rosin, rosarian, and rosavin — collectively known together as ‘The Rosavins’ — are glycosides found in the Rhodiola Rosea plant and also contribute to its effects, along with salidroside. [10]

Rhodiola Rosea Benefits


This supplement is an adaptogenic compound, meaning that it can promote healthy energy levels and relaxation. [1] An increased time to exhaustion was found to be a consistent benefit thought to be caused by reducing the perception of tiredness. Not only can this supplement promote relaxation, but it can also benefit mental performance.* [3]


This supplement can also lead to an boost in the senses in well-being or contentment. [4] This adaptogen is highly serotonergic, meaning that it increases serotonin. [6] Along with a benefit to mood, significant boosts in social and work functions were also noted.* [9]


Studies show benefits to the capacity for mental work while supplementing with Rhodiola Rosea. [7] One particular study found that performance on work-related tasks increased by approximately 20%.* [8]

Cellular Health

Tyrosol, salidroside, and ‘The Rosavins’ all confer cellular health benefits to the body, and supplement the health of bone cells, red blood cells, neurons, fibroblasts, and liver cells. [5] An additional benefit may be protection from excitotoxicity, which is the pathological process by which neurons are damaged and killed by overactivations of receptors such as the NMDA receptor and AMPA receptor.* [11]

Rhodiola’s Exercise Benefits

Muscle recovery is also aided by using this extract, as it reduces lactate production within the muscles, which is what causes muscles to feel sore. [5]

Rhodiola Rosea Dosage

The suggested dosage is 250mg twice daily.

Curated Reviews

“This was my first time trying Rhodiola Rosea, and I must say it’s some pretty decent stuff. I received it around the same time that I was attempting to ween myself from a particular vice. Coincidentally, the Rhodiola Rosea helped to alleviate a lot of anxiety. It also made me feel more confident and solid during a point in time in my life where I’d usually feel pretty insecure and vulnerable.” – Michael Z

“I’m currently taking Rhodiola along with Schizandrol and Tongkat Ali, and it’s a fantastic combination. I took this for a few reasons. First, I am in my 30’s now and was looking for a way to have more energy to work out like I did when I was a bit younger. This combo was the answer. I am also taking it for greater immunity to colds, etc, as well. As it stands right now, I’m very happy with the results.” – Matthew L.

I bought my first Rhodiola from a supplement store and I though it was so so, didn’t rate much really until I tried PC’s version. What a difference in potency. This stuff works and given me a new found respect for nootropics and their effects. I loove Rhodiola and have gotten my sister to try it out too. Get it you won’t be disappointed. – Albert A.

This stuff is a great every day supplement. It’s outstanding at reducing mental fatigue, allowing for longer periods of high intensity brain activity, yes; but the effect on stress levels is what really keeps me coming back for more. It just seems to take a weight off my shoulders – I never find myself getting overwhelmed, no matter how much I have on my plate, everything just feels more manageable. Finals week at school or crunch time at work just don’t feel like as big of a deal. Pairs well with classical stimulants, which provide energy to go with the endurance rhodiola provides. I take 250mg every day, increasing to 500 during periods of higher stress. Subtle in the sense that I never really “feel it,” but it’s the stress that I don’t feel that’s truly invaluable. – Aleksandr K


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