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What Is Taurine?

Taurine is an organic acid which can aid various cellular health defense systems. It is a highly prominent free amino acid found throughout the human body. Taurine is found in particularly high concentrations in excitable tissue, such as heart and skeletal muscle. Taurine comprises over 50% of the free amines found in cardiac tissue. [2] Taurine is highly water soluble and is a beta-amino acid, similar to Beta Alanine.* [3]

Taurine Benefits

Taurine Supplements and Mood

Taurine acts vicariously as a neuromodulator, suppelementing the transmission of GABA. [5] This is very helpful because GABA is one of the major compounds that can lead to positive increases in mood.*

Taurine and Exercise Capacity

Supplementing with this amino acid is associated with physical benefits. [4] One study found that taking this supplement two hours prior to exercise had improved the performance of trained athletes in a time trial, improving time by 1.7% without affecting oxygen uptake or heart rate.* [7]

Taurine Supplements Ocular Health

Taurine is a great supplement to take to promote the health of your eyes.* Impaired vision and retinal degeneration is associated with reduce concentrations of taurine in the eye, which can result from a taurine deficiency. [8]

Taurine Benefits the Cardiovascular System

Taurine can promote cellular health by modulating the fluidity and health of cell membranes. One study shows that supplementing with this product can promote healthy blood flow throughout the body. [1] This amino acid is thought to supplement the process of forming new blood vessels.* [6]

Taurine and Body Composition

This amino acid also plays a role in maintaining a healthy body composition. Lipid-soluble components may be better able to be absorbed when supplementing with taurine. [9]

Taurine Dosage

The recommended dosage is 500-2000mg, taken at once or throughout the day.


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