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Beta Ecdysterone for Athletic Performance

The search for an effect ergogenic (anything that positively influences performance, specifically athletic performance) is an ongoing journey for both supplement companies and individuals.[1]

Beta Ecdysterone is one such supplement being looked into for its ergogenic properties, and it might be just what you’re looking for to get it done in the gym.

There is also some evidence that it can benefit your body composition too, making Beta Ecdysterone a possible super-supplement for that highly valued prize of the lean muscle.

Beta Ecdysterone Benefits

Beta Ecdysterone (20-Hydroxyecdysone) is a compound found in molting insects, plants, and some aquatic animals that is used to benefit human athletic performance. Beta Ecdysterone is a critical signaling molecule.[2] It may also be a supplement for a healthy immune system.*[2]

While Beta Ecdysterone comes from other members of the animal kingdom, evidence suggests it exerts effects on the human body.*[3]

Beta Ecdysterone supplements are becoming popular because of their ability to supplement lean muscle and strength.* [1]

Scientific research shows this supplement greatly improves body composition.*[2]

Beta Ecdysterone Dosage

Users should take Beta Ecdysterone in doses from 300 to 500 mg every day for best results. It is often mixed with D-Aspartic Acid or Longjack extract to increase the ergogenic effect of both.

Don’t be left behind, Beta Ecdysterone supplements are fast becoming a secret weapon for lean muscle, vitality, and body composition.

Q: Why is your Beta Ecdysterone 95% more expensive than some competitors?

A: Although we strive to differentiate by offering great prices, we have to put product quality first. Our Beta Ecdysterone is HPLC tested by a third-party US lab. If you find a lower price for Beta Ecdysterone 95% powder, it’s likely that it was only UV tested. UV testing for Beta Ecdysterone is highly unreliable since it can show 95%, while an HPLC method will prove that it’s really only 10-15%.

Here’s an example of Beta Ecdysterone that tested 95% via UV testing, but the HPLC chromatogram shows a different story:

Notice how there are too many other peaks for the UV tested sample to be anywhere close to 95%. This particular sample was likely no greater than 20% Beta Ecdysterone. If you’re unsure how a seller tests their Beta Ecdysterone, request an HPLC lab test.

Curated Reviews

“I have been nothing but impressed with this substance. A perfect non-androgenic workout supplement that works (the higher protein consumption the better with this product). The first thing that I noticed was starting around day 4, my recovery time from workouts was nearly halved. Since I was able to do more workouts, I began to get much stronger pretty quickly. After being on it for a month, I have gained 4 pounds while cutting, and went from 190 to 235 on my bench press routine (4 sets of 5 reps). Beta Ecdysterone has a permanent place in my stack now, and I cannot recommend it enough to others! This substance has a permanent place in my stack now!” – Chad J

“I am glad to have found this product at Powder City. It sure helps me through my workouts and helps me do and feel my best. Always pleased with the products and service from Powder City, and find lots of knowledge and tips through the site as well, from recipes, product usage to stack combinations and much more. Always looking for new supplements and their applications, and Powder City is the best place to start. Thanks for so much :)” – Brian P

“This is the second review that I have written for this product. Since completing my project, I have only used ecdysterone, glutamine, and creatine. I could tell that I was getting stronger very quickly. However, my supply of ecdysterone recently ran out and I have noticed significantly longer recovery times. I think others might be interested in the results of the project that I spoke about in my previous review. I first exercised for 20 days with no supplementation, working only my biceps. 72 hours after final workout I measured my weight and found my one rep barbell curl max. My weight increased +0.5 pounds and my barbell curl increased +5 pounds. I then supplemented 500 mg of ecdysterone per day for 20 days while exercising my biceps. 72 hours after my final workout I weighed myself and took my one rep barbell curl max. My weight increased by +2.5 pounds and my barbell curl increased by +10 pounds. I was also taking 2,000 mg CLA, 300 mg epicatechin, and 75 mg laxogenin during the second half of the project. I do think that this single compound did more for me than the other 3 combined, however. Even after stopping use of the other 3, I still noticed increased performance in the gym.” – James J

“I hit a plateau at 186.5 lbs and no matter how much cardio I did, I just couldn’t lose any more fat. I had been faithfully using a product called Omnibolic which has ecdysterone. When I switched to this much more pure beta ecdysterone, in the first week I lost 3.5 lbs and the energy is amazing! I thought I was doing great with Omnibolic but switching over to this beta ecdysterone was like using Omnibolic for the first time at a double dose! Great stuff but is pretty expensive and wish maybe they provided the same stuff but in pills and at least keep the price same if they moved to using pills.” – Kevin K


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