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Phenibut is a synthetic central nervous system depressant used to treat a number of psychological conditions including depression, anxiety, addiction and posttraumatic stress disorder. [1]

Dependency and withdrawal symptoms have been reported in individuals who take more than the recommended dosage, so limit your use to avoid phenibut addiction. [2]

Benefits and Effects

Promoting Healthy Brain Functions

Phenibut improved blood flow in the brains of rats, which resulted in reduced motor and sensory deficiencies related to stroke. [3] [4] It also decreased symptoms of amnesia in rats exposed to high voltage shocks. [5] In addition to alleviating nerve pain, phenibut appears to defend neuroblastoma cells against hydrogen peroxide damage. [6] [7]

Boosting Cognitive Capacity

For example, phenibut speeds up animals’ defensive reflexes and increases brain responses to stimuli, which improves overall learning capacity. [8] [9] Phenibut has also demonstrated effectiveness at improving amnesia and passive avoidance conditioning. [10] [11]

Promoting Relaxation

Phenibut is able to promote relaxation without drowsiness. [37]

Nootropic Benefits

In passive avoidance tasks, Phenibut showed enhanced learning and memory. [34] It also enhanced the performance of mice during swimming and rotating rod tests. [34].


During a forced swim test, Phenibut reduced immobility time to a significant degree. [36] Scientists use forced swim tests to measure activity related to enhanced mood. [38, 39]

Sleep Quality

One study suggests this is because it may activate dopaminergic processes which cause sedation. [34]


Phenibut reduces fear and anxiety in animals. [12] [13] Phenibut also makes rats less aggressive. [14]

Protecting the Heart

In combination with nitric oxide, phenibut reduces heart rate and contractility in animals under stress. [15] [16] When paired with nicotinic acid, phenibut can prevent blood flow disturbances in animals following a stroke. [17]

Curbing Alcohol Abuse

In one study, phenibut decreased alcohol-dependant rodents’ urges to drink while protecting their bodies from alcohol-related damage. [21] [22]

Immune Defense

Phenibut has proven helpful in controlling overactive immune systems and restoring suppressed immune systems by replenishing phagocytic cells . [23] [24]

Improving Respiratory Issues

Phenibut injections stopped sleep apnea in rats. [25] It also increased breathing capacity during emotionally stressful situations. [26]

How It Works

Unlike GABA, Phenibut HCL can cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB). [34] This is due to the addition of a phenyl ring to its basic structure. [34]

Phenibut was designed to resemble a chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. The human brain naturally creates GABA, which produces a calming effect on the body. [27] The addition of a phenyl group in phenibut allows supplemental GABA to cross the blood-brain barrier. [28]


However, unlike antidepressants such as SSRIs, phenibut shouldn’t be taken every day.

Begin using small dosages. Phenibut online user reviews, report daily targets of 250-1000mg, but starting at a high dose can lead to unpleasant feelings of drunkenness often referred to as “phenibut high.”

Side Effects

Some people who take phenibut experience mild side effects like headache and increased depression, [30] anxiety, irritability, lightheadedness, insomnia, fatigue, reduced appetite, muscle spasms, heart palpitations and hallucinations. [32] [33]

A phenibut overdose could also cause drastic drops in body temperature. [30]

Documented withdrawal symptoms include elevated  Due to its potential for abuse, phenibut should be taken with precaution.

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Also known as:Fenibut, Phenybut, Beta-Phenyl-GABA
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Stacks well with: Sulbutiamine,Phenylpiracetam
Typical dose:250mg
Half Life :5.3 Hours