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Yohimbine Defined

For centuries, African natives harvested the inner bark of the evergreen tree pausinytalia yohimbe for a variety of uses in traditional herbal remedies improving circulation. In the modern world, researchers isolated the active compound and it is now what we have come to know as Yohimbine.

How is Yohimbine Standardized?

Consumers struggle to determine the level of active ingredients in the raw yohimbe bark. As a result, we supply a third party tested yohimbine hcl extract powder with a standardized amount of yohimbine. Not only is the potency preserved, but the form provides versatility in dosing forms. Due to the size of the particles, the large surface area provides ease of absorption and minimizes local irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Yohimbine HCL Benefits

This extract is a powerful indole alkaloid that promotes changes in adrenergic, serotonin, and dopamine receptors. The majority of its systemic effects rely on its moderate-high affinity towards α adrenergic receptors.

α1 adrenergic receptors are responsible for smooth muscle contraction. Its effect is notable in blood vessels regulating blood pressure and circulation.
α2 adrenergic receptors inhibit noradrenaline release (responsible for fight-or-flight response) and lipolysis (fat breakdown).
Yohimbine antagonizes both these receptors resulting in the desired boosted metabolism, enhanced cellular fat breakdown, and enhancement of the erectile stimulation process.

Yohimbine & Sexual Health

Sexual health comprises a multitude of psychological, physical, and neurological systems working in tandem. Yohimbine works through multiple mechanisms mediating enhancement of penile tissue. Yohimbine relaxes penile smooth muscle (corpus cavernosum) which releases norepinephrine and nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for expanding blood vessels (vasodilation) and penile engorgement. Norepinephrine increases both heart rate and blood pressure enhancing erectile force.

In a systematic review and meta-analysis of multiple randomized trials, yohimbine demonstrated efficacy over placebo as a therapeutic option for improving erections. [1,4] Yohimbine provides strong, positive effects in frequency of sexual activity, genital response, and arousal. [2] Yohimbine also improves the quality of stimulated erections. [3]

Yohimbine HCL & Fat Reduction

Numerous studies show yohimbine can promote thermogenesis. Yohimbine does this by providing a transient boost in adrenaline. This increases cardiac activity in addition to disrupting the mechanism by which the body preserves fat cells. A study conducted on healthy soccer athletes showed a significant reduction in body fat percentage on yohimbine versus placebo. [4] Furthermore, a study on obese women showed data supporting local fat reduction. [5]

Yohimbine Dosage

The recommended dosage of yohimbine hcl is 0.2mg/kg body weight (e.g. 14mg/150lb person, 18mg/200lb person, 22mg/250lb person). However, yohimbine does have stimulant properties so start with 2.5mg and increase as needed. Individuals should take yohimbine hcl prior to exercise as it may augment lipolysis and improve basal metabolism. [6]

Yohimbine stacks well with L-arginine, an amino acid precursor to nitric oxide. This supplement works with yohimbine to improve erectile function in individuals with mild to moderate organic causes of erectile difficulties. [7,8]

Yohimbine Interactions

Individuals with cardiovascular disease or psychiatric disorders should not take yohimbine.
Consult with a physician before taking yohimbine with prescription medications.

Synonyms: Yohimbin, Corynine, Quebrachin, Quebrachine, Aphrosol, Yohimex, Yohimbe HCL (commonly confused with)

Curated Reviews

“Whoa!! Excellent product!! Don’t be fooled by little scoop, a little goes along way. I weigh 195 lbs. and 3 scoops gave me a huge boost of energy and motivation. Please be careful and invest in a quality scale, this is no joke, start small. 1 scoop. then maybe add another until you find the sweet spot. I can honestly say a very little goes along way!! I have read that you are to take in fasted state, to reach full benefits, I do not recommend energy drinks with this, a little coffee will help it. Thanks Powder City for another excellent high quality product!”– James G

“A lot of people way under dose this if your goal is to help with bodyfat. The issue is even at low dosages the stimulant effect can be a bit much for people.. about 20mg split into two doses is ideal but I’d work up to that as 10mg can be a bit much for some people who are sensitive to stimulants. Value for the powder is incredible compared to buying the 2.5mg tablets you see all over online.”– Justin K

“Very potent and pure product. I’ve never used a micro scoop before so just a little extra tip, scoop into the side of the bag, drag up and scrape off any extra on the lip of the seal. Place the scoop over a glass of water and give it a tiny flick. I’ve found that by doing this, I can see exactly how much I scooped (looking for a full and completely round little bead). Quality wise, I’ve worked my tolerance up to 15 mg and I find that gives me that good raise in internal body temp that Im looking for before I go to the gym. Make sure to start low and work your way up; 0.2 mg/kg of bodyweight. Great shipping as always”.– Nick F.

“I was always avoiding work-out supplements since they have so much stuff I don’t want. So using Powder City and creating my own workout supplement. I know what I am getting. This Yohimbine powder is the real deal, it has helped me go the extra bit each workout. I don’t feel fatigued as easy and have just a little extra to give. I combine it with citrulline malate. Just what I need without all the other stuff.”-Nikki R.

“I take 2 red scoops. thats apparently 24mg… however the micro scale says its 12-14mg…. anyways this stuff is amazing. the energy alone is similar to an entire extra scoop of preworkout. since ive started taking this i only take 1 scoop of preworkout now instead of 2, and have way more energy. The fat loss is also very apparent. On days i take this before the gym, i’ll sweat about 3x harder than usual compared to days i dont. When dieting I was able to go from 13% bf down to 8% in about 10 days. however the weight is easily put back on if skipping the gym for a week or eating extra.”– Bryce

“NOW! Where do I start with this BIG BAD BOY? AHAA! As a quintessential English bloke who believes he is superior to everyone on the planet, Yohimbine is just like me. It offers a plethora of uses. As a pre-workout, consume with your stack an hour before and pump iron like an English Bull dog. For energy boost, it combines well with ALCAR, Caffeine, GTE, Mucuna P and Taurine individual tolerance permitting of course. For shredding, you lose those obscene stubborn blubber the way an East London Kebab falls off the rack. For the ladies who enjoy the cardio side of things, consume half an hour before and run baby like Forest Gump. On libido effects, I can’t offer a view as you can imagine I am already in TIP, TIP TOP SHAPE. All in all, a fantastically brilliant product and Powder City, Boy! You guys are, as you Americans would say ” THE BOMB”. Excellent quality and speedy delivery as always to England. CHEERS.”– Bigsteve

“Just as the title says: excellent products, and a great company to deal with . Fast shipping and good packaging to ensure nothing arrived damaged or open, ect. I’m absolutely loving the Yohimbine right now! It’s part of my cutting regime and is working amazingly well! If you are considering Yohimbine as part of your weight loss regime, you will not regret giving powder city’s a try, as it is very clean and works great!”– Steve


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