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We've all heard that dark chocolate is good for you. While this is often used as an excuse to overindulge, there is some truth to it. Epicatechin is one of the primary flavanols that gives dark chocolate its health boosting reputation.

Of foods that contain epicatechin, cocoa has the highest content. Skipping the unnecessary calories and opting for epicatechin is optimal as the manufacturing process of dark chocolate can cause it to lose up to 80% of its health properties. [1]

Epicatechin Supplement Benefits

Epicatechin is much more than a cocoa extract. Its antioxidant properties can promote overall health. [2] Its interactions with cortisol and the lipid system can also improve longevity.*

Its physical performance benefits stem from its mitochondrial enhancement properties. Epicatechin promotes a lean body composition as well. Epicatechin can promote healthy visual and spatial memory by upregulating genes associated with learning.* [3]


Mitochondria are the cellular powerhouse. Epicatechin supplementation can promote their formation in skeletal muscles. [3] To further this benefit, epicatechin supplementation benefits mitochondrial function and activity as well. [4] By these mechanisms, supplementing with epicatechin can promote lean mass.* One study revealed that epicatechin supplementation enhanced participants' exercise capacity and as well. [5]

By promoting mitochondrial activity, epicatechin can combat muscular fatigue. [7] This allows you to run farther or lift heavier with greater ease.*


Epicatechin helps to promote natural thermogenesis. [6] Though the mechanism behind its thermogenic properties isn't fully understood, it's likely due to the promotion of muscular aerobic metabolism.* [3]

Cognitive Benefits

Epicatechin crosses the blood-brain barrier; this makes it easier for it to supplement cognition. [6] This supplement can also promote healthy cognitive function.*

One study backs the above claim, with the epicatechin group showing a 25% improvement in visual memory recognition speed compared to the control group. [8] Epicatechin can supplement the regulation of genes associated with memory and learning as well. It is not yet known whether gene expression and cell density have a cause and effect relationship.* [6]

Health and Longevity

Epicatechin boosts angiogenesis which can promote heart health.* [6]

Epicatechin promotes relaxation as well.*


The recommended dosage of epicatechin is 200mg daily.

Additional Resources

Examine's article on epicatechin content in dark chocolate.


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