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Common Misspellings: Caffine Powder, Caffiene Powder, Pure Caffine

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WARNING: Please follow dosage directions on the product label when supplementing with caffeine anhydrous.

Being sleepy, drowsy, cloudy, dopey, tired, and/or drained is simply not fun. That’s why coffee and tea is consumed in such large quantities all over the world.

The reason caffeinated beverages are such popular remedies to combat fatigue are that they simply work so efficiently. While most people consider caffeine something that they get in their java, Caffeine Anhydrous is a suitable alternative which provides the added benefits of enhanced effectiveness and accurate tracking of your caffeine dose.[1]

What is Caffeine Anhydrous?

Caffeine is the energizing compound found in things like coffee, tea, and soft drinks, but Caffeine Anhydrous is a form of caffeine found to be much more effective at improving mental and athletic capabilities.[1]

This central nervous system stimulant has many sought after effects such as increased alertness, decreased fatigue, and improved performance under the eroding effects of sleep deprivation and boredom.[2]

Caffeine Anhydrous also improve sports and athletic functions.[1] A considerable ergogenic, caffeine improves athletic performance during both long-term endurance trials and short heats.[1]

How Does Anhydrous Caffeine Work?

Caffeine Anhydrous is a quickly absorbed molecule that efficiently transports throughout the body.[1] Caffeine levels begin to rise as quickly as fifteen minutes after ingestion and don’t reach their peak until forty-five minutes later. It has no trouble passing the blood-brain barrier due to its lipid solubility, making it highly effective.[1]

Pure Caffeine Anhydrous Powder Benefits

Caffeine’s role as an athletic boost is due to its wide array of mechanisms. It reduces reliance on glycogen, enhances use of free fatty acids, competes with adenosine, increases secretion of beta endorphins, and boosts thermogenesis, even in chronic coffee drinkers.

Caffeine has effects on both the brain and muscles, although its ability to spike athletic performance is most likely a predominantly neural one.[1]

Caffeine is also the world’s favorite nootropic. Caffeine supplements have shown to provide vastly improved cognitive capacities.[1] Numerous human studies have shown Caffeine Anhydrous maximizes concentration and short term memory.[1]

An effective supplement for runners, lifters, thinkers, and those of us who didn’t get enough sleep last night, Caffeine Anhydrous is a must have.

Caffeine Dosage

The recommended caffeine dosage is 50 mg (1 scant .15cc tsp). Caffeine can create mild dependence; use intermittently for best results.[3]

Caffeine Supplement Sources

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