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Phenibut HCL

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Warning: Use caution when taking regularly and follow the recommended Phenibut dosage.

Synonyms: Fenibut, Phenybut, Beta-Phenyl-GABA

Phenibut HCL capsules are also available.

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What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a GABA derivative that can exist as a free amino acid (FAA) or as a salt (HCL). Phenibut HCL is the salt variety, which is why it is crystalline in texture. There are a few key differences between Phenibut FAA and Phenibut HCL.

Phenibut HCL vs. Phenibut FAA

Individuals can take Phenibut FAA sublingually as it is much more powdery than the HCL form. However, it is much more expensive and is not conducive for regular supplementation. Due to its powdery texture, it is difficult to dissolve in a beverage or put in capsules. You are essentially limited to sublingual or oral supplementation.

Individuals cannot take Phenibut HCL sublingually; however, it is easy to dissolve or put in capsules. It is also more cost effective than Phenibut FAA. Phenibut HCL has a less pleasant taste than Phenibut FAA, but, since you can buy Phenibut HCL in capsule form, this is a non-issue.

Phenibut HCL: How Does It Work?

Unlike GABA, Phenibut HCL can cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) with ease. [1] This is due to the addition of a phenyl ring to its basic structure. [1] Individuals take Phenibut HCL for its anxiolytic and nootropic properties. [1,2] It is a GABAB receptor agonist which means it could have mood-boosting benefits as well. [3]

Phenibut Benefits

The primary reason individuals take Phenibut is for its anxiolytic benefits. However, Phenibut can provide a number of other benefits. Aside from its potential as a nootropic, Phenibut can also boost mood and improve sleep.

Phenibut Powder as an Anxiolytic

Phenibut is able to reduce stress and fear. [1] In one cat study, Phenibut was able to eliminate fear in anxious and passive subjects. [1] It also improved the emotional state of non-fearful subjects. [1] Phenibut is also able to reduce stress without impairing cognition. [4] Because of this, Russian cosmonauts often used Phenibut. Phenibut allowed them to work in less than ideal conditions without succumbing to the effects of stress. [4]

Phenibut as a Nootropic

There is some debate as to whether Phenibut is a true nootropic. However, there is some evidence of its ability to enhance cognition. In passive avoidance tasks, Phenibut showed improved learning and memory. [1] It also enhanced the performance of mice during swimming and rotating rod tests. [1] While more research is needed, these preliminary findings are promising.

Phenibut Powder and Mood

During a forced swim test, Phenibut significantly reduced immobility time. [3] Scientists use forced swim tests to measure activity related to improved mood. [5] The test measures the animal’s susceptibility to negative moods and compares how their mood changes while taking supplements such as Phenibut. In this study, Phenibut reduced the amount of time the rodents remained immobile. Immobility in forced swim tests indicates hopelessness. [6] This means Phenibut improved the rodents’ mood.

Other Reasons to Buy Phenibut

In some rodent studies, Phenibut conferred analgesic benefits. [1,3] While this benefit needs more research, Phenibut may be able to provide pain relief. Phenibut provides sleep benefits as well. One study suggests this is because Phenibut may activate dopaminergic processes which cause sedation. [1]

Phenibut Side effects

Individuals should not take Phenibut on a daily basis. Tolerance develops rapidly with repeated use. [7] When taken in excessive frequency, Phenibut can cause withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of use. [7] To avoid this, follow proper dosing instructions. Individuals taking MAOIs should not take Phenibut. [7] Do not take Phenibut with alcohol. [7]

Phenibut Dosage

Individuals should start with 250mg of Phenibut. Some individuals use larger doses, but you should never exceed 1.5g. Individuals should cycle Phenibut to avoid tolerance and withdrawal symptoms.


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