Zinc Gluconate

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What is Zinc Gluconate?

Zinc gluconate is a derivative form of the mineral zinc. Zinc is a mineral essential for proper health[2, 4]. Although its mechanisms of action are not known, this form of zinc benefits those who are zinc deficient. Store this supplement at room temperature and away from sources of heat[3, 4].

Zinc Gluconate Benefits

Zinc gluconate benefits those needing a healthy boost for the immune system. It also promotes healthy, clear skin.

Zinc Gluconate Side Effects

Side effects occur most often when taking this product in combination with certain other supplements, so it is best to consult with a physician prior to use[2, 4].

Zinc Gluconate Dosage

The recommended dosage for zinc gluconate is 385mg. This is best taken with a glass of water, but if upset stomach occurs, take with a meal[2]. Try not to take zinc gluconate with foods high in calcium and phosphorous, as these minerals hinder absorption. Zinc gluconate can also make certain antibiotics less effective[2].

Synonyms: Zincum gluconicum


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