PEA (Phenylethylamine HCL)

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Phenylethylamine HCL

If you have been feeling run down lately and possibly a little depressed, then a Phenylethylamine supplement might be a great way to improve your spirits in a natural fashion. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, improve your mood or induce a feeling of well-being, this could be just the supplement to help. One of the best things to know about this supplement is that it is all-natural, produced from an amino acid.

What is (PEA) Phenylethylamine Supplement?

Also known as PEA, Phenylethylamine is a supplement derived from the amino acid phenylalanine. This substance is also found to occur naturally in chocolate and several other foods. This chemical is also believed to affect mood. It has been known to induce a natural high or euphoria [1].

PEA has also become a popular ingredient in some of the newer weight loss and dietary supplements. There is some research which indicates it may be helpful as a fat burner and in raising the metabolism. It has even been added to whole health products and supplements, and promoted as help for controlling weight [2].

The Phenylethylamine supplement is also believed to have an effect on several powerful brain chemicals. Research indicates that it may help to increase dopamine levels and also block the action of dopamine transmitters. Not only is dopamine helpful in elevating mood, it is also known to play an important role in movement and may lead to an increase in energy levels [2].

(PEA) Phenylethylamine Side Effects and Benefits

The most immediately noticeable beneficial Phenylethylamine side effects is an elevated mood and an overall feeling of well being. Another reason for these feelings is due to the slightly increased blood pressure and elevated blood glucose levels [2].

Additionally, this supplement has also become a regular ingredient in many popular weight loss and dietary supplements. There is much thought among researchers that the supplement may have a fat burning effect. Possibly due to the elevated blood pressure, it is easier to control appetite and also may serve to speed up metabolism [2].

There has also been a lot of research into 2-phenylethylamine effects and benefits upon the brain itself. Many reports indicate that this natural substance is able to help increase cognition, focus, concentration and memory. These effects may also together help lead to a reduction of stress and anxiety [3]. It is also believed to have a synergistic effect together with Aniracetam or Oxiracetam.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) Dosage

The recommended Phenylethylamine dosage is 300 mg per day. Phenylethylamine may also be taken with other fat burning supplements. It is not advised to exceed more than 1000 mg per day. If any side effects are observed, such as heartburn, nausea, mild headaches or insomnia, cut back the dosage or discontinue for a period of time.

Synonyms: PEA, beta phenylethylamine, phenethylamine, β-phenethylamine, Benzeneethanamine, B-phenylethylamine hcl, 2 phenylethylamine

Curated Reviews

“Hello, It’s with gratitude that I want to thank you for delivering promptly a quality product. Just a suggestion, it can help alleviate the headache problem, for those that experience it, to take GLPC or Beet Root Powder or Agmatine sulfate capsules to produce Nitric Oxide which will dilate the arteries and relieve the temporary hypertension which is a side effect of PEA use. At 72 years old, I have found PEA to literally be a “Game Changer” on the energy front. The release of Norepinephrine, Epinephrine and Dopamine gives inspiration to any task. I do take frequent, necessary, naps following my various projects, which include housework, practicing my Conga Drums and an office cleaning gig. A little PEA goes a long way if you take it with a catalyst, such as Hordenine or Yohimbe, which provide the mild MAO B inhibition. Thanks again.” – James J

“I can see how this could help with depression and motivation issues. Works better with some individual brain chemistry’s than others. I got different results at different times. I like what one of the guys said in that he puts some in his water bottle at work and sips it throughout the day. If you happen to be on some medications, like a mao-b inhibitor the effects could be amplified a lot. I’ll give this one another try unlike a lot of things I ordered the first time. At these prices you can afford to experiment to see what works for you. This is the best vendor of these supplements hands down. You can tell with the product verified testing and aggressive pricing these guys have their stuff together. They ship quickly, the USPS is another story. Five Stars for powder city.” – Jay M

“I ordered this with Hordenine. Although the first several times I took this, I had taken it with Hordenine, which resulted in a pleasant sense of concentration along with a brief boost in my mood. One day I decided to try it without Hordenine and noticed NO DIFFERENCE in effects. I have been dosing it without Horenine ever since with the same results. I’d say it’s been 8 days since my last dose of Hordenine and I take a modest dose each morning that works like a cup of coffee that gets me on my feet in the morning. When the effects wear off I don’t crash and also don’t feel the need to lay back down. I simply get on with the rest of my day. When I read around on forums, practically everyone claims this has no effects by itself, even Alexander Shulgin mentions it has no noticeable effect in PIHKAL at doses up to 1600mg. 1600mg is higher than my daily morning dose that gets me on my feet in the morning. Although this seems not to be true for the majority, it will definitely have an effect after dosing Hordenine.” – Skylar A

“I got some PEA quite a while ago. I’d been using caffeine as part of a pre-workout, and was curious about PEA’s effect, so I swapped out the PEA, and went running. (It should be noted that PEA smelled like PEE, but I gulped it down with the mix). I didn’t notice much of stimulation the way caffeine or some others have, but once I started running it was pretty apparent. I felt I could run much farther and for much longer time. However, I’m an habitual over-trainer, and I also saw that if I wasn’t careful, PEA could really help me push myself into a bad injury or worse, so I spent the rest of my time enjoying the effortlessness and holding back a little. I haven’t tried it again in a while, but I look forward to using it soon in a new workout routine, just with a great deal of caution till I really get to know it.” – Jeff S


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  2. A new perspective for schizophrenia: TAAR1 agonists reveal antipsychotic- and antidepressant-like activity, improve cognition and control body weight

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