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We will no longer be carrying caffeine anhydrous in variants larger than 100g. If you are a business customer, you can place an order for higher quantities here.

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WARNING: Please follow dosage directions on the product label when supplementing with caffeine anhydrous.

Caffeine is the most common supplement in the world, with 87% of Americans consuming it daily. [1] Coffee, tea, and even chocolate milk contain varying amounts of caffeine. The amount of caffeine in 8 oz. of traditionally brewed coffee ranges from 95 mg to 200 mg, making it impractical to assess daily consumption. [2] Consuming caffeine anhydrous is advantageous over natural sources due to enhanced bioavailability and absorption rate making it a more powerful alternative while it being in powder form makes tracking intake much easier. [3,4] Pure caffeine anhydrous is an easy to track, economic alternative to fighting fatigue with beverages. Plus, it won't stain your teeth!

Mechanisms of Powdered Caffeine Anhydrous

It's important to understand how caffeine works in the body before one can grasp how it is beneficial. Upon ingestion, your body absorbs caffeine within 15 minutes and fully absorbs it within an hour. [4] Due to it being lipid soluble, caffeine is able to act upon the majority of cells within the body, including the muscles, organs, and the brain. Upon crossing the blood brain barrier, caffeine begins blocking adenosine, a neurotransmitter that induces sleepiness by decreasing brain activity. [5,6] By preventing adenosine from reaching its respective receptor, caffeine prevents fatigue. Caffeine goes a step further to induce stimulation by elevating adrenaline and norepinephrine. [4,7]

Fat Loss

Elevating adrenaline and adenosine help burn fat in addition to preventing fatigue. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology found that caffeine can boost epinephrine levels by 42% at rest and 49% during exercise. The same study found that, on average, caffeine elevated free fatty acids by 53% at rest and 50% during exercise, relative to levels found in the placebo group. [8] Additionally, caffeine can increase the oxidation of free fatty acids by causing muscle cells to switch from glycogen to fatty acids for fuel. [4]

The stimulatory effects of caffeine allow it to boost metabolism, which explains why it is present in a large majority of supplements that claim to have fat burning effects. [9] 100mg of caffeine can increase metabolic rates by 9.2 kcalories per hour, with moderately higher doses increasing caloric expenditure by up to 40 kcalories per hour. [10] At first, 40 kcalories per hour may not seem significant; however, if one were to burn an extra 40 kcalories per hour for 8 hours a day, 7 days out of the week, one would burn an extra 2,240 kcalories through caffeine alone. In theory, this would result in 10 ounces of fat being burned weekly through the metabolic effects of caffeine alone.

Pure Caffeine Powder and Endurance

It's commonplace to perform cardio to further aid in the fat burning process. Supplementing with caffeine can complement cardio by making it easier to go the extra mile. The brain releases beta-endorphins while exercising and they are responsible for the euphoric feeling that is often referred to as a runner’s high. Beta-endorphins also decrease pain perception. [4] This mechanism allows caffeine to improve endurance by up to 4.2%. [11] Caffeine supplementation enhances vigilance during extended cardio sessions, even in periods of sustained sleep deprivation. [4] Improvements in the ability to sustain maximal endurance and improvements in time-trial exercises (high-intensity interval training) make caffeine a viable supplement for those looking to push their cardio to a new level.

Increase Power and Strength

Increased fatty acid mobilization, mental vigilance, and endurance make caffeine a powerful supplement for athletes interested in improving strength, power, and explosiveness. By causing muscles to switch from glycogen to fatty acids as a fuel source, muscle glycogen is preserved allowing one to maintain performance throughout a strenuous workout. Caffeine also enhances glycogen resynthesis following a workout, leading to improved recovery times. [4]

Power, strength, and explosiveness rely on the force of muscular contraction. As previously mentioned, the molecular properties of caffeine allow it to pass through the membranes of a large majority of cells, with nerve and muscle cells being the main targets of caffeine. [4] Its stimulatory properties improve muscle contraction by enhancing neuromusclar function, likely as a result of elevated adrenaline and norepinephrine levels. [4] Peak power can improve by 6.4% as a result of an upsurge in adrenaline following caffeine supplementation. [12] One study observed subjects that specialized in sprinting found caffeine anhydrous improved sprinting speed by 5.4%. [13]

Increased power coupled with the ability to handle higher training volume could significantly boost results. Increasing volume makes the body adapt the same way that adding strength does; it forces the body to adapt by synthesizing muscle or becoming stronger. Acute caffeine consumption can improve training volume as a result of elevated beta-endorphins and adrenaline, with beta-endorphins decreasing pain perception and adrenaline increasing power output. [12,14] Additionally, caffeine increases mental vigilance and boosts resistance to muscular fatigue. [4] It’s important to note that caffeine does improve strength in a dose-dependent manner; however, most literature indicates that 400mg is the point of diminishing returns.

Overall strength diminishes during periods of sleep deprivation. While many bodily functions come into play to result in waning strength, adenosine plays a major role due to decreased neural activity. A double-blind study that observed elite level strength athletes undergoing sleep deprivation found that caffeine groups maintained strength levels while placebo groups suffered from decreased performance. [15] Individuals who normally train at night experience similar decreases in strength when they attempt to train in the morning.

Nootropic Benefits

Caffeine is the most widely used nootropic in the world, since most people love increased alertness, reduced fatigue, and improve attention. In a clinical setting, caffeine subjectively improves alertness, energy, focus, attentiveness, and quick wit. [20] Caffeine's nootropic benefits stem from it boosting brain activity by upregulating the production of serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. [16]

Enhanced focus and processing speed are the results of caffeine increasing acetylcholine and dopamine in the prefrontal cortex. [17] This area of the brain is also responsible for working memory and, to some extent, reaction time. This mechanism can cause caffeine to boost the aforementioned cognitive functions as well. [18,19] Studies observing soccer players and ice hockey players indicate caffeine can improve coordination and fine motor skills as evidenced by improved passing accuracy and ball control. [4] Mental vigilance not only applies to exercise but repetitive tasks as well. Research suggests a subsequent restoration of performance that usually downregulates as a result of boredom and fatigue. [20]

In the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for memory consolidation, caffeine boosts levels of acetylcholine. An upsurge in acetylcholine in the hippocampus can increase memory formation. [17] The memory related benefits generally have a dose-dependent point of diminishing returns. The sweet spot varies between individuals, as genetic traits, tolerance/sensitivity, food consumption, and an extensive list of other factors influence observed effects.

Caffeine Dosage

The recommended caffeine dosage is 50 mg (1 scant 0.15 cc tsp). Caffeine can create mild dependence; intermittent use is recommended for best results.

Miscellaneous Information

Caffeine anhydrous can improve strength in a dose depenedent manner; however, 400mg is the point at which most experience diminishing returns. [21] Please note that pure caffeine anhydrous has a very bitter taste. We highly suggest diluting it with a beverage. Click here to read our recommendations for masking bitter supplements.

"Form follows function. Anybody with a functional mindset, such as myself, will be very pleased with this product! Of course, I still drink the occasional coffee. I drink it black and will never lose the fondness for my beloved coffee but this caffeine anhydrous is awesome. I'm in Canada. A medium cup of coffee at Tim Horton's (we call it Timmy's up here) will sell for $1.70 and contains 200mg of caffeine. 100 grams of caffeine is equal to 500 cups of coffee for the price of $4.31 + shipping. Wow."– Adrian M.

"Lots of caffeine, not a lot of dough. I got a milligram (not microgram) scale through Powder City as well. You can get the same one elsewhere for maybe a few dollars cheaper, but I don't know if it comes in the nice case that Powder City provides. Let's just say I wasn't disappointed with the reusable packaging and the quality of the scale. I found, using that scale, that one scant (provided) is closer to 100 mg than to 50 mg, but that all comes down to the density of the powder, which is why you should use a scale! Caffeine is very bitter by nature, but if you mix it well you can usually mask the taste."- Asher L.

"AWESOME !! VERY powerful. ONLY take as directed. Better than coffee. Flavorless. I add it to my protein shake first thing in the morning. Works better than coffee to wake you up, and has no taste. I liked it so much, I went back to Powder City and ordered almost every supplement I take in powder form. Very cost effective compared to buying supplements in pill form from the local vitamin store. Very informative web site. Plenty of information about every powder they sell, how much to take, with what, what it is for... everything you would want to know. Web site loads quick and is easy to navigate. Excellent pricing. I'm a very happy customer."– Dennis P.

"It's nice to be able to get a small boost before workouts or during a long day and be able to control exactly how much you need. Why waste money on a garbage 'energy drink' that has 300mg of caffeine and a ton of artificial junk that doesn't help you anyway? I like to measure my own dose for pre-workouts and this is the perfect and economical way to do it. Never disappointed with PowderCity!"- Cody M.

"Came to Powder City since Amazon stopped selling the anhydrous caffeine that I normally get. Ordered $20 worth and was sent an obscenely large bag of caffeine powder. It even comes with a scoop measured at 50mg, which is extremely helpful when determining dosage. I use this caffeine to place in smoothies in the morning to replace drinking coffee (which normally has between 100-120mg of caffeine). Beware though, 100mg is a very small amount. What I purchased should last me for the next 5 years. Thanks Powder City, which I highly recommend."- CH

"Love it, extremely happy with the product. Very easy to use as long as you have a scale that can read the lower amounts. Very important to use a scale and not just wing it. It does come with a small measuring spoon " 1 scant or 15cc" that does help but scale is still highly recommended. The price is the best out there that I was able to find and the shipping was extremely fast."- JLM



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