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Semax is a drug heavily used in the treatment of strokes, transient ischemic attacks, memory and cognitive disorders, peptic ulcers, optic nerve diseases, and to help boost the immune system. Semax and Selank are very similar in their results, however Semax is believed to be more of a stimulant by nature.

In addition to its purported nootropic, neuroprotective, and neurogenic properties, Semax has also been found to exhibit effects similar to those of antidepressants. This has led to the belief that it can be used successfully as a mood booster and to help alleviate feelings of intense anxiety in the user.

Semax is also commonly referred to as Semax nasal spray due to the most common form of administration being through the nose, however Semax drops are also commonly administered as well.

A neuropeptide originally developed in Russia, Semax was rigorously tested for 14 years before becoming approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Industry. Its ability to seemingly regulate the chemicals present inside the brain gives it the power to affect various cerebral processes that can be extremely beneficial to many users.

Benefits and Effects

The various Semax nootropic properties give it the ability to have several positive benefits on users, both physically and cognitively.

Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

Since it is commonly used to achieve results similar to antidepressants, Semax is also often used as a mood booster or enhancer that can also help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.

Chronic stress can have several negative effects on the body besides the general overall feeling of unease associated with it. Liver enzymes have been shown to be at heightened levels of production during times of increased stress. Several studies show a reversal of these effects when subjects were treated with Semax.

Improves Memory Function and Retention

Research in animal subjects has shown that the heavy metal content in Semax helps to prevent learning and memory inhibition. The results suggested that the heavy metals acted in a similar way to those in ascorbic acid, which also provide antioxidant properties.

These findings suggest that Semax can have great effect when used as a cognitive booster, helping the user maintain clarity and focus while completing various tasks. This can result in higher levels of productivity as well.

Potential Treatment of ADHD

Studies have shown Semax’s potential to enhance the release of dopamine in various parts of the brain as well as to impact the serotonergic brain systems. Both of these have been linked to the memory improvement and increase of neurotransmitters that are often required in the treatment of ADHD.

This benefit is only a hypothesis, however, and further research is necessary to directly tie Semax to this type of treatment.

Prevents Oxidative Stress and Damage

Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance between free radical production and the body’s ability to use antioxidants to counteract their harmful effects.

Since Semax has been clinically shown to have antioxidant properties, it can help protect the body from the poisonous effects exposure of lead can have on the brain.

Semax can also help prevent this type of damage to the body after someone experiences a stroke or heart attack. This has been linked to the drug’s antioxidant behavior.

Assists in Pain Relief

Certain doses of Semax have been shown to reduce the breakdown of Enkephalins, which are chemicals associated with the body’s response to pain. By maintaining the presence of these chemicals, levels of pain that are perceived can be lessened.

How Semax Works

While Semax is a relatively common drug used in parts of the world, the process in which it works is still slightly unclear. Certain studies have given evidence that Semax works as an antagonist of the MC4 and MC5 receptors. This means the drug would be able to take action throughout the body by acting through melanocortin receptors.

Semax is also able to increase neuotrophin production within the brain and to activate the NMDA receptors in the brain for glutamate. These together are how Semax reduces stress, anxiety, and overall cognitive strain on the user.

The variations of Semax for sale most places comes in the form of sprays called N Acetyl Semax Amidate, NA Semax Amidate, or simply NA Semax. These all work mostly in the same way, but they are the typical forms in which you will buy Semax online for use and administration nasally.


Because of its potency, results can be seen and experienced with the Semax nasal spray dosage of 0.5-1.0 milligrams per day. This is the Semax dosage average users administer.

It is always important to remember that Semax effects will vary based on the concentration of the drug, however. There is obviously a great difference between Semax 0.1% and Semax 1%, and depending on which concentration you are using, your Semax experience will be drastically different if an improper dose is used. The higher concentrations of the drug are typically reserved specifically for stroke victims.

The lower doses of the Semax spray should perform satisfactorily for those looking for mere cognitive benefits.

Side Effects

Since Semax has been used so widely in areas of Russia without many drawbacks being documented, the side effects of the drug seem to be minimal. Those intending to buy Semax for cognitive enhancement might only need to be concerned with the occasional sense of disassociation from their actions when using the compound.

Since Semax can have many of the same effects as antidepressants and anxiety drugs, it can also lead to feelings of energy crashes after prolonged use.

As with any substance of this nature, it is important to track your individual experiences with it. Semax has not been studied for long-term use, and therefore precautions should be taken before considering long-term administration of the drug for any of these benefits.

Users would be best to begin with the recommended dosage every so often and increase over time as they find appropriate and comfortable, or stop if they recognize any negative and undocumented Semax side effects.


The Semax peptide itself is typically enough for most users in regards to nootropic benefits. Cognitively, many achieve the results they want with this one drug; however there are some stacks and pairings that can help counteract some of the energy crash-related side effects.

Semax and Kratom Stack

Kratom is a drug that is also known to help people lower their anxiety levels, but when paired with Semax, it can either enhance that calming experience or it can help increase your energy levels. To achieve a heightened level of calm, stack a higher dose of Kratom with Semax. To achieve an increase of energy, stack a lower dose.

Semax and Phenylpiracetam Stack

Energy crashes can also be fought with the supplement Phenylpiracetam. This drug will not have much of an effect on the cognitive benefits you see from Semax—if anything, it’ll complement them—but it will help you maintain more steady levels of energy throughout the day while using Semax.

Semax and Tianeptine Stack

Many users also prefer to stack Semax with the mood booster Tianeptine, which has many of the same benefits as Semax. The two together can help increase the positive benefits you can experience while using either drug.


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Also known as:L-Methionyl-L-α-glutamylhistidyl-L-phenylalanyl-L-prolylglycyl-L-proline, (Pro8,Gly9,Pro10)ACTH-(4-10)
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Typical dose:0.25 – 1mg per day
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