Fucoxanthin 25% (Seaweed Extract)

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Fucoxanthin Synonyms: Seaweed Extract, Undaria Pinnatifida, fuco, fucothin

What is Fucoxanthin?

Fucoxanthin, also known as seaweed extract, is a carotenoid (pigment) found in brown seaweed that is structurally similar to Vitamin A and beta-carotene. Rather than act as a vitamin though, this supplement functions as a potent fat burner when used consistently. Effects are not acute and require 1-4 months for results to show; however, the resulting fat loss is steady and reliable [1].

Fucoxanthin Benefits

The primary benefit of a fucoxanthin supplement is fat loss. Unlike many of the weight loss supplements available on the market, seaweed extract has proven effective in both animal and human studies [1, 2]. This particular weight loss aid takes time to go into effect as it is non-stimulatory and must build up in your fat tissue first before inducing fat loss.

Other effects include a range of cardiovascular health benefits. Fucoxanthin supplements can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride absorption as well as inhibit their production within the body [3]. This may also play a role in its fat-loss properties. This supplement can also help individuals regulate and improve their blood pressure [1].

This supplement is also an effective cellular health supplement [4]. While it is not as effective as other cellular health supplements such as Vitamin C, it does scavenge free radicals [4]. This sets it apart from other carotenoids, which do not typically possess this capability. Additionally, it can protect against the damaging effects of UV rays [5].

Fucoxanthin Dosage

This fucoxanthin supplement is a 25% extract and calls for a dosage of 9.6-32mg per day. A good starting point is 20mg per day. Fucoxanthin works synergistically when taken alongside fatty acids such as Fish Oil or Conjugated Linoleic Acid by helping to improve absorption.Â

A standard fucoxanthin dosage for a 100% extract is 2.4-8mg per day. However, such small dosages are difficult to accurately measure, which is why we offer a 25% extract instead.Â


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