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Encapsulation Kit



This kit is designed to take the guess work out of trying to begin encapsulation. If you are new to encapsulating, it can be overwhelming searching for all the products you need. With the encapsulation kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Contents of Each Encapsulation Kit

Each kit Includes; 500 empty capsules, a capsule filler, tamper, and an empty pill bottle. You have the choice between two capsule sizes and types along with a capsule filler and tamper to match the capsule size of your choosing.

Capsule Filler (Cap-M-Quik)

The Cap-M-Quik capsule filler is easy to use and allows you to fill 50 capsules within 15 minutes. This capsule filler is dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean up. The Cap-M-Quik filler comes in two different sizes #00 and #0.


The tamper, when used in tandem with the capsule filler, allows you to tightly pack the powder into each capsule. This tool really is quite handy when encapsulating powders that require higher dosages or if you are creating your own supplement mixtures.

Empty Capsules

Each kit comes with your choice of capsules.


Empty Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin capsules are the most common capsules found on the market. This is due to the fact that gelatin provides its own list of benefits. Since gelatin comes from collagen it can improve smoothness of the skin, and strength of hair. Gelatin can also promote joint, muscle, and digestive health.

Empty Vegetarian Capsules

Veggie capsules are another option to choose from when selecting your encapsulation kit. These capsules are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Some people find vegetarian capsules are easier to digest than gelatin capsules.

Capsule Sizes


Size 0 capsules can hold anywhere from 400-800mg of powder depending on the density of the supplement.


Size 00 capsules can hold .9 to 1.2 grams of powder depending on which powder you choose to encapsulate.

Empty Pill Bottle with Cap

When you are finished encapsulated your products you will need a place to keep them. Each kit contains an empty bottle that holds 90-180 capsules depending on what size capsules you choose.

Benefits of DIY Encapsulation

Nutritional supplementation plays a huge role in overall health and well-being. Don”™t let obstacles like taste and inconvenience of powdered supplements stop you from experiencing unlimited health benefits.

Purchasing the kit rather than purchasing the items separately provides a savings up to 20%! Encapsulating your own bulk powders makes supplementation easier and more convenient.


This kit includes a Cap-M-Quik capsule filler and tamper, a bag of gelatin or vegetarian capsules, and a bottle to hold the capsules.

Remove Cap-M-Quik encapsulating machine from box and place on a flat clean surface. Lift tray and turn risers 90 degrees so that tray rests on 00 setting. Separate the capsule into two parts: the top cap which you will put in a bowl, and the bottom base which you will place one by one into the capsule machine. Use a separate bowl to hold capsule lids.

Once all the capsules are seated, pour powder onto the Cap-M-Quik tray and spread evenly into the capsules using the accessory spreading card.

Once you have the powder distributed evenly, use the tamper to pack more powder into the capsules. Repeat until capsules are filled to your satisfaction. Align tamper and press down gently to pack in more powder. Repeat the process until all capsules are uniformly filled. Remove excess powder before proceeding. Once you are satisfied the gelatin capsules are full, turn the two risers 90 degrees allowing the holding tray to drop to the base. Place caps on filled capsules individually and push down until lids click shut.

Turn risers 90 degrees so that the tray drops down to expose filled capsules. Replace lids. Press down until each one snaps shut. 50 herbal supplement capsules in 15 minutes or less.

Check out these detailed instructions about using the capsule machine.


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