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The world of nootropics is dominated by the racetam family. Not only are racetams some of the oldest and most studied, many people find the racetams to be the most effective part of their nootropic stack.

Since the discovery of the racetams, many derivative compounds have come up as viable alternatives for people who enjoy the racetams and want to see what else they have to offer. Due to the variation in subjective effects, many people will have their own favorites. One of the more popular racetam varieties is Oxiracetam.

Oxiracetam is a racetam with a hydroxyl-substituted oxopyrrolidone nucleus.[1] What people really like about Oxiracetam is that it has strong oral bioavailability compared to some of its racetam family members.[1]


Oxiracetam is coveted for its purported nootropic abilities to benefit memory and learning while helping support the brain and keep it healthy.[2] It also has mild stimulant properties [3].*

Studies have shown that Oxiracetam can support semantic memory, verbal recall, and reading.* [1]

Research has shown that Oxiracetam does this at least partly through its ability to bring about long-lasting benefits to neurotransmission in certain synapses.[2] This is not the only possible mechanism, however. Oxiracetam may also be blocking NMDA-receptor antagonists.* [2]

Oxiracetam as a Stimulant

Unlike other racetams, Oxiracetam has mild stimulant properties. It achieves this via the cholinergic system, which facilitates stimulation within the brain. This same mechanism is thought to explain Oxiracetam’s memory promoting capabilities.* [4]

This boost in energy is helpful for individuals who need to supplemenet their cognition as well as alertness, such as college students preparing for a major exam or business executives preparing to give an important proposal.

While oxiracetam’s stimulant properties are slight compared to that of true stimulants, it is enough to disrupt sleep, so oxiracetam is best taken well before you plan to go to bed. [5]

Oxiracetam Dosage

Take one rounded 1cc scoop (750mg) once daily. Oxiracetam is water-soluble, and is best taken on an empty stomach. We performed in-house testing to verify this.

That being said, solubility is not black and white. At very high temperatures, oil is able to somewhat dissolve Oxiracetam as well. However, the final results show water is the best solvent for this particular racetam, so taking it with water will yield the best results.


What are the advantages of taking oxiracetam compared to other racetams?

Oxiracetam has stimulating properties so this product not only assists with cognitive improvement, but also provides an energy boost.

What is the best way to take oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam is best taken early in the day on an empty stomach with a cholinergic. This nootropic is water soluble so you can mix it into a beverage of your choice.

What does this powder taste like?

Unlike other racetams, oxiracetam tastes slightly sweet.

Is Oxiracetam Fat or Water Soluble?

Oxiracetam is soluble in heated oil (fat) but is more soluble in water, so it?s best to take oxiracetam with water on an empty stomach for optimal results.

Oxiracetam Solubility

Curated Review

“This racetam has been my favorite so far. I take one dose in the morning and one in the evening. I feel great all day. Tons of energy and motivation with no nervousness or shaking like other stims. Oxiracetam is truly remarkable. I will definitely be ordering more. I would also like to point out that I have been taking this for a couole of weeks. It took a couple days to feel the full effects and I haven’t noticed any tolerance at this point. Very very satisfied.”_ Joshus S.

“I have been experimenting with different racetams and trying them out in conjunction with other nootropics in my stacks. So far oxiracetam is one of the better ones I’ve tried. It does have a very mild stimulant like effect and it seems to play nicely with other nootropics which makes my life easier. The quality is excellent… I rarely have problems with powder city and when I do they fix it immediately. The oxiracetam is cheaper than some of the other racetams… don’t let price fool you, just because something cost more doesn’t mean it’s stronger or better… these nootropics seem to have a great variability in efficacy depending on a person’s physiology and diet. I have turned others onto my nootropic stacks and I’ve yet to come across any complaints about the oxiracetam I get from powder city. Keep doing a great job guys!”_ Nicolas S.


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Typical dose: 750mg once daily
Half Life :8 hours