Broccoli Sprout Extract Powder 20:1 62.5 Grams (Discontinued)

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What is Broccoli Sprout Extract?

Broccoli Sprout Extract contains glucoraphanin, a precursor molecule that converts to sulforaphane when consumed.[1] When Broccoli is cooked, these molecules lose potency, making it lose its potential to convert in the body. Supplementing with this powder makes it easier to add to the diet without damaging the active compounds.

Broccoli Extract Benefits

Glucoraphanin, when converted to sulforaphane in the body, provides the following benefits:

  • Supplements cellular health*[2]
  • Promotes healthy metabolism*[3]

Broccoli Extract Dosage

Take two 0.15cc scoops (250mg) daily.

CAS Number: 4478-93-7
Synonyms: Broccoli extract



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