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What is Vinpocetine?

Our Vinpocetine is derived from Voacanga Africana seeds. Individuals often use vinpocetine to supplement memory and cognitive health*.

Why Vinpocetine Capsules

Vinpocetine requires a very small dosage that can be difficult to measure and weigh with accuracy. Even with the proper milligram scale, weighing out such a minuscule amount of powder daily is tedious. Vinpocetine capsules remove the margin of human error and simplify your supplement regimen.


Vinpocetine powder provides a number of benefits. While individuals most often take this supplement for its nootropic benefits, it can also supplement cognitive health, mood, and healthy aging*.

Nootropic Benefits

Studies show that vinpocetine supplements the flow of oxygen to the brain, which benefits thinking, learning and memory functions*.

One study revealed that females who consumed 40 mg daily taken twice per day experienced quicker reaction times after just two days and exhibited an increase in working memory*. [1]

Studies also revealed that older individuals who consumed 30 mg of vinpocetine for 90 days experienced benefits to their balance. [2] Likewise, those who experienced cognitive benefits also reported feelings of general well-being*. [3]

Recommended Dosage

A typical vinpocetine dosage is 15 mg spread over three doses daily. Each vinpocetine capsule contains 5mg so individuals should take one capsule three times per day. When taken with food, vinpocetine’s absorption rate increases.



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