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What is Vinpocetine Powder?

Ever heard of a periwinkle plant Vinca minor? This plant is native to southern and central Europe and contains numerous useful substances. Containing more than 50 alkaloids, vinpocetine is a man made substance that closely resembles this unique flower.

Making Vinpocetine is difficult work; pristine conditions and a lot of laboratory work are required. This supplement is often used to supplement memory function[1]. Multiple double-blind studies established that Vinpocetine supplement effectively benefits learning, memory, and motor skills [2].

Plant source: Voacanga africana seed

Vinpocetine Side Effects and Benefits

It is not yet 100% understood about how Vinpocetine works, but it is hypothesized that it may promote healthy blood flow to the brain and influences neuroprotective properties. Additionally, some studies have shown that Vinpocetine supplement has some potential beneficial effects when it comes to cognitive ability.

Many of studies done on Vinpocetine involved a double-blind, cross-over experiment[2]. From these studies it was evident that Vinpocetine noticeably outperformed placebos when it came to supplementing memory function[2]. In addition to being a memory supplement, vinpocetine may have a positive effect on motion sickness and menopause symptoms[1]

Vinpocetine Dosage

The recommended vinpocetine dosage is 5mg one to three times a day, based on dosages used in studies to supplement learning, thinking, and memory[1]. Because our vinpocetine extract is formulated with 10% vinpocetine and 90% dextrin, we suggest a serving size of 50mg. We formulate our vinpocetine specifically with this ratio, to allow for an easier serving size for the consumer. The Dextrin will have no effect on the overall effectiveness of the vinpocetine.



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