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If you have ever felt down in the dumps, overly stressed out, or just experienced a bout of sudden, unexplained weakness, then you may be a good candidate for some natural help from Sulbutiamine. Sulbutiamine is a type of nootropic, so it functions primarily as a cognitive enhancer. Scientists have been studying this supplement since it became available on the market in the early to mid-1970s with keen interest. There are quite a number of reported benefits that users of this substance have experienced. If you need an intense mood boost, this is one of the best nootropics to get the job done..

What are Sulbutiamine Capsules?

This supplement is actually a synthetic derivative of Thiamine, which is a member of the Vitamin B family. It is able to cross the blood brain barrier and effect neurons and parts of the brain which are believed responsible for mood, movement, memory, and attention. It is also used to boost energy, as it can help combat sudden loss of strength due to mental stressors rather than a muscular deficit.[1]

Benefits of Sulbutiamine for Memory Enhancement

One of the biggest benefits of Sulbutiamine is the effect it has on memory and cognition[1, 2]. Because it is indeed able to cross the blood brain barrier, it is helpful in improving memory, concentration, focus, and attention. There is even some evidence that the supplement may help with age related memory loss. The portions of the brain which affect mood are in close proximity to cognitive parts of the brain and there are many Sulbutiamine users who have reported feelings of general well being, sometimes in close connection to their improvements in memory and cognition.

Sulbutiamine Dosage

The daily dosage for Sulbutiamine is one capsule per day. Each capsule is 200mg.

Curated Reviews

“Given the nature of military life, training to be a Nuke, it is hard to find time to lift weights, and even when I do, I feel physically worn so my workouts suffer as a result. However, after taking Sulbutiamine, I definitely feel a huge difference, it wasn't exactly as I expected, but it definitely works. I was expecting more of an amped up feeling, however, I didn't feel anything at all until I start a workout. I feel myself being able to push harder, despite being exhausted. Definitely increased my peak strength throughout my workouts, allowing me to add on those critical last few reps to seriously shred muscle tissue.” - William W

“Per usual Powder City delivers the product. Excellent service. This product (sulbutiamine) is new to me as is the phenylpiracetam. I just got some L-theanine to add to this stack but it’s not smoothing it out. I think the sulbutiamine is getting me wired & restless. Lots of worry. Today I took L-theanine, (2) phenylpiracetam & DMAE without the sulbutiamine. It's early morning, its all good so far. (The L-theanine, in my opinion, is a must for any stack.) I will continue to experiment with this product (take it without the stack) but I'm thinking I've got it nailed.” - Richard M

“Product is wonderful! Always buy from Power City! The most respected place to buy Nootropics. Just check it out. I want to know if anyone out there knows a better place to buy Nootropics. It doesn't exist. If they continue to sell their products at reasonable prices, they will conquer the North American Market in 2 yrs. My prediction. Quality products, reasonable prices. Everybody wins!” - Timothy B



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