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What is Sucralose?

Many people who struggle with their weight or have to watch their blood sugar often turn to artificial sweeteners. This way they can enjoy sweeter, more flavorful foods while avoiding the negatives effects that come from too much sugar intake. One such artificial sweetener that has become increasingly popular is sucralose. A derivative of sugar, Sucralose is a s no calorie sweetener that is many as 600 times sweeter than sugar, 2 times sweeter than saccharin, and 3 times sweeter than aspartame [1, 3]. The secret to its sweetness is the 2 extra chlorine molecules present that increase surface area of the Sucralose molecule, and thus sweetness.

It is the only artificial sweetener derived from sugar, and it is particularly liked because it actually tastes like sugar without the unpleasant aftertaste many other artificial sweeteners have [1].

The FDA has declared that Sucralose is safe for use in any way that sugar would be used [1, 2].

Benefits of Sucralose

As far as artificial sweeteners go, Sucralose boasts many benefits including its similar taste to sugar, lack of caloric impact, lack of negative effects on dental health, extraordinary heat stability, long shelf-life, and compatibility with most ingredients used in food [1]. Most of the consumed Sucralose simply passes through the body, completely unabsorbed, making it beneficial for those looking to avoid weight gain without losing taste.


Since pure sucralose is very sweet, only a small amount is needed. 50-100mg should be enough to sweeten an eight ounce drink.



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