Rosemary Extract (20% Rosmarinic Acid)

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What is Rosemary Extract?

Rosemary, historically grown in the Alpine mountain region, is now a common household plant found throughout the world. It has been used for generations, not only as a spice and natural preservative, but as an herbal health supplement.

Rosemary Extract Benefits

Cellular Health

There are many products that tout themselves as cellular health supplements, but not all are created equal. Rosemary Extract has a long period of efficiency in promoting cellular health in the body.* Rosemary Extract also contains Carnosic Acid, a versatile type of cellular health supplement which has the capability of neutralizing a variety of different free radicals.* [1]

Cognitive Support

Rosemary Extract supplements a variety of aspects of cognitive functioning. Rosemary Extract has been shown to benefit memory and promote healthy aging. [2] It also has properties which supplement a healthy mood relaxation.* [3]

Rosemary Extract Dosage

The recommended dosage of Rosemary Extract Is 200mg per day.



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