Rhodiola Rosea Extract Capsules

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Synonyms:Golden Root, Arctic Root

What is Rhodiola?

Rhodiola rosea is a Scandinavian herb that has been used for centuries as a nerve tonic and anti-fatigue supplement.

Rhodiola Rosea to Promote Healthy Mood

Mental anguish can cause decreased cognitive function, shorter attention span, and poor concentration. Rhodiola rosea has shown to reduce mental anguish related fatigue.[3]

Rhodiola rosea promotes a general sense of wellbeing. Supplementing with rhodiola can help with mood stabilization and insomnia.[4]

Rhodiola Benefits: Physical Performance

Rhodiola rosea supplementation increases physical energy.[1] This makes it a great addition to a pre workout or for a morning boost.

Since rhodiola amplifies your sense of wellbeing, this supplement also increases motivation to workout. Plus, supplementing with rhodiola reduces muscle fatigue so workouts can generally be longer and more effective.[1,4]

Rhodiola Rosea Extract as a Nootropic

This supplement also has nootropic benefits. Rhodiola supplementation improves mental energy, focus, and visual reaction time.[2]

Rhodiola Rosea Dosage

The recommended dose of rhodiola rosea is one capsule (250mg) once daily.

Rhodiola Rosea Side Effects

There have been no notable side effects reported when taking rhodiola as directed.


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