Pyridoxal Phosphate (P5Pharm®) 25 Grams

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Pyridoxal Phosphate is a coenzyme. It supplements a healthy cardiovascular system, as well as promotes positive mood.

P5P Benefits

P5P has a plethora of benefits including promoting general health and relaxation; it can supplement mood, cognition, and energy levels as well. This makes P5P popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Brain Health Benefits

Vitamin B6 can promote positive mood and relaxation by benefiting the production of the neurotransmitters that influence mood. When combined with magnesium, Vitamin B6 can improve focus and attention to detail.* [1]

In addition, Vitamin B6 may be able to induce lucid dreaming. One study notes that taking Vitamin B6 enhances dream vividness as well as the ability to recall dreams.* [2]

Lean Muscle

You probably realize the importance of getting adequate vitamins and minerals, but have you considered the relationship between diet and daily vitamin and mineral requirements? This is especially important if you want to improve your body composition through a high protein diet.

If you are a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast, you need to know this:

High protein diets increase your body’s daily need of Vitamin B6.*


Vitamin B6 boosts the efficacy of other supplements, Vitamin B12 in particular. [3] This combination boosts energy. In fact, B Vitamins are so effective at boosting energy that many energy drinks add them to their blend.*

Who Should Take Pyridoxal Phosphate?

Everybody needs Vitamin B6, but some individuals need it more than others. As mentioned above, individuals eating high protein diets could benefit from taking pyridoxal phosphate. Oral contraception interferes with Vitamin B6 levels so women taking them should discuss their Vitamin B6 needs with their physician. [4]

P5P Dosage

The recommended dosage for P5P varies from 2.5 mg to 50 mg daily. For standard use, individuals should take 50mg daily. Too much pyridoxal phosphate can result in unwanted side effects so be sure to follow dosing guidelines.


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