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Ever since the discovery of the racetams in the 1970’s, the racetam family of compounds has been a compelling route for people trying to supplement their general cognition, memory, and learning capabilities.*

In the world of nootropics, the racetams are the go-to nootropics for benefiting brain power. While there is some variety of racetam forms, and not all racetams are as well understood as the parent compound, one of the more widely known and studied is Pramiracetam.

What is Pramiracetam?


Pramiracetam is fat-soluble, but will also mix with water. It is best to take fat-soluble racetams after a meal or with a fat source such as fish oil. Your body will not absorb or benefit from a fat-soluble racetam on an empty stomach.

Pramiracetam is remarkable for high oral-bioavailability and high potency.[1] For this reason, users take Pramiracetam in smaller doses than it’s prototype.[1]

This more potent racetam is sometimes taken as an alternative to weaker racetams for people who don’t feel they give them the sense of well-being that they are after or people who don’t want to take as much powder as less potent racetams can require.

Pramiracetam Side Effects and Benefits

While the mechanisms are not clearly understood, the outcomes of the racetams have been looked into extensively.[1] Since their first debut in the early 1970’s, a lot of interest has been put into the many racetams.

Advantageous Pramiracetam benefits may include improved memory and reduced delayed verbal recall.[1] There is also some evidence to suggest that Pramiracetam is superior to the original racetam in helping with memory retrieval and orientation.* [1]

Pramiracetam has also shown to possibly improve some test scores on cognitive ability up to three hours after being taken.[1] It remains a highly popular nootropic and an inexpensive way to benefit mental performance.*

Pramiracetam Dosage

Users typically take Pramiracetam powder in doses around 250 mg a few times a day with meals. As with most racetams, many people take a choline source along with it. Some say taking choline along with the proper Pramiracetam dosage can improve the overall experience.

Curated Reviews

“So here’s the deal with pramiracetam… It’s pretty awesome stuff, especially if you need some emotional objectivity. It’s one of the more potent racetams, I’ve tried most of them at this point except for nefiracetam and those that simply cannot be easily obtained/don’t have useful effects, and pram is up there at the top end for potency. A word of warning though, if you take it consistently, you can end up a bit too emotionally objective, especially for those close to you.”– Martin L.

“Its rather expensive but worth it IMO. I feel enhanced learning abilities, visualization of math and logic problems leading to quicker understanding and comprehension which leads to enhanced learning. I am still experimenting with it so my results as of now are not ‘final’. I have taken it approx 5-6 times. I ‘felt’ the effects pretty substantially the first few days, then after which I did not feel the effects. However, I believe that just because I did not feel the effects doesn’t mean it wasn’t working. I still think I gained the benefits from it even tho it wasn’t directly ‘felt’. Read a post online about how Pramracetam tolerance is an illusion. I also feel that it blunted my emotions. I know what you are thinking and its not as extreme as it sounds. All I mean by that is that it made my emotions take a back seat. So my decisions and reactions to situations in life/work problems (math) were logic based instead of emotion based. I still felt my emotions, but I wasn’t governed by them. I could acknowledge them, and respond cool, calm, and collected. This some people call is the spock effect (although I don’t like that term because it makes the emotional blunting seem aggressive, when IMO its not.). IDK how it would be for daily use, as I need more time to experiment with it and see how it goes, but it is very good for a few times a week. Also it has a ‘bell-curve’ effect, so taking more mg of it is actually a bad thing and won’t make you feel it more or stronger. I recommend a dose of 180mg-250mg and possibly redose with 50mg-100mg in 5-7 hours if needed (I really don’t think you would need to dose twice). Enjoy!”– Jeff W.

“Pramiracetam is not tasty (to say the least). I’m trying to cover the taste the best I can, but a shot glass with Pramiracetam and Coconut or Perilla Seed Oil gets the stuff down (make sure to hold your nose) and have some kind of “chaser” ready…I suppose I could try cottage cheese, but, I hate to ruin the cottage cheese! I did go to the Brain Games at the Cognizin site and was fascinated that I played 3 entry level Puzzle Games, improving my performance each time. I also tried 3 entry level Memory Match Games and improved each time, too! Of course it might have been that I was simply learning, but, at my age THAT doesn’t factor in as much as when I was younger… Anyway, I will continue using it and stack it with vinpocetine and huperzine A, which, by themselves didn’t do a thing for me! Overall, I was pleased with Powder City.”– Phil L.

“being a somewhat regular customer of powdercity, since before they changed their name 😉 ive experimented with a number of the high quality noots on offer, primarily piracetam, but pramiracetam is another league! i like it much better than aniracetam or noopept, but that is personal preference. i find that the window of “up-ness” is much more stable. piracetam has a window of about 3 hours but pram, in my short experience (3 weeks) is right around twice that.and the idea connections i accumulate are far more detailed and abstract without being un-achievably abstract. as soon as my attention turns to something i want to focus on, a fractal universe of possibilites is presented to me. piracetam alone (i stack them) is more subtle…pram punches through subtle without being agitating. very interested in what ideas have emerged into reality after a year of stacking these two. (2g piracetam/250mg pramiracetam-twice daily)”– Onyx A.

“I’m new to nootropics, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but so far pramiracetam seems to make a noticeable difference for me. I’ve gone back to school at 54, and am attempting what is regarded as the most difficult certification there is in the computer world. Things that once came easily to me, no longer do. With the introduction of pramiracetam, along with CDP Choline and a tablespoon of coconut oil (to provide MCT’s), I have noticed a marked difference in my ability to focus on and retail information.”– Michael D.

“Pramiracetam has a wonderful effect on memory, i use 300mg in a capsule and i add some olive oil in the capsule because the chemical is fat soluble. It stacks very well with phenylpiracetam (i use that combo to create wonderful projects). You have to use a good choline source with this racetam. When i had to study anatomy/physiology, pramiracetam was the best(tried almost all other racetams) ended with 2A and 2A+ on my 4 biology courses with about 8 hours of studying/exam. One bad to the product is that it makes you a bit awkward socially, my gf notices it when im on it, you will have no problem to focus on something while cutting other distractions, makes the time very effective. Its a must try if you like racetams, i reccommend high amount of dietary omega 3 for long term improvement (sometime i stack it with ALA in my capsule). Thanks to powdercity im acing my bachelor :D”– Remi G.



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