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Piracetam capsules are also available.

Piracetam is the prototype for all racetam derivatives – synthetic compounds that all share a pyrrolidone nucleus. Piracetam is a derivative of GABA but oddly cannot affect GABA receptors [1]. While its mechanism of action is largely unknown, piracetam does modulate AMPA receptors and improves the function of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine Both of which are linked to memory processing [2,3].


There are a number of piracetam benefits; however, its primary use is as a nootropic. It is able to enhance cognition and provide neuroprotection as well as act as an analgesic.

Nootropic Benefits

In young and healthy adults, piracetam is able to improve short-term working memory [4]. One study showed it is able to provide modest benefits for verbal learning as well [5]. This same study showed that verbal learning dramatically improved for individuals who struggle with reading difficulties [5].

This nootropic is particularly effective at slowing the rate of age-related cognitive decline [6]. This improvement was only seen in higher doses of 1.6g three times per day with smaller doses of 800mg three times per day failing to perform [7]. In addition, piracetam is able to provide neuroprotective benefits as well as improve cognition after cerebral trauma [8,9].

Analgesic Properties

Piracetam’s analgesic (anti-pain) properties are directly linked to its anti-inflammatory properties [10]. Pain caused by inflammation is often perceived as much worse than it truly is (hyperalgesia), and piracetam was able to reduce this pain by up to 41% in a rat study [10].

Piracetam Side Effects

This product is safe and non-toxic. As is the case with many racetams, piracetam can cause headaches. This is because it decreases acetylcholine levels within the brain [11]. Choline supplements are able to attenuate this side effect. In animal studies, combining choline with piracetam resulted in improved memory and cognition [12,13].

Buy Piracetam with a Choline Source

There are numerous choline supplements available on the market. Alpha GPC and CDP Choline are two popular options for stacking with piracetam. This is because these choline sources are excellent nootropics in their own right. Choline Bitartrate is a weaker choline source in comparison. However, it is the most economical choice of the three.

Piracetam Dosage

Most adults take 1.2-4.8g of this powder. This is often split into three doses over the course of the day. It should be noted that while piracetam has no established toxicity, 1.6g three times a day is the largest effective piracetam dosage proven in scientific studies. Piracetam is water-soluble, so it is best taken with water on an empty stomach.


What other nootropics does piracetam pair well with?

Can I take piracetam consistently or should I cycle it?

It is common for tolerance to build up after taking one particular nootropic on a consistent basis. To avoid this issue, take this product in cycles. Cycles can be done between nootropics or taking a break from all nootropics.

What should piracetam taste like?

Piracetam powder is extremely bitter. To find out how to mask the taste of these products, check out this article.

How long does it take to work?

Individuals often feel the sensory benefits of piracetam within one hour. These effects typically last up to eight hours. Take piracetam for two weeks to one month to experience maximum benefits.

Curated Reviews

“Piracetam is the granddaddy Nootropic and while other racetams have come a long with higher potency I still like to add them to a base of piracetam. As such I use piracetam as a filler often with other nootropics when I encapsulate them. This subsequently allows me to keep a baseline level of piracetam in my system which I feel potentiates a lot of the other nootropics to a degree since many of the ‘racetams’ work in different ways. I’ve found powder city’s piracetam to be of the same texture and quality as other brands and they have great prices.”– Mike

“I always thought all Piracetam was created equal. But not true, apparently. Powder City’s Piracetam is the best. When working or studying, I add it to my coffee or tea for a real mental boost. It is consistently the best, most potent Piracetam I’ve used (and I think I’ve tried them all). Also good for workouts, keeps me sharp and focused, never frazzled. This will be my third order from this company and I like all their products. Thanks!”– Skyp

“No complaints. This has been an amazing experience. I feel so much more connected to my life and surroundings now, if that makes any sense. This fog has been lifted and I feel like I can actually do everything I need and want to do without such tremendous amounts effort. This product will not make you a genius, or give you endless amounts of energy. It won’t make you astonishingly motivated and hardworking. You are not going to become superhuman. However, I do believe that piracetam can help you focus, and not just focus as in concentration. You become able to see smaller details as well as the big picture. There’s an abundance of beauty in it all. Everything just seems more complex and richer across all five senses. The two specific effects I’ve noticed the most on this were color depth (more intense and diverse, distinct colors) and an increased ability to mimic sounds or people’s voices I hear. It’s been fairly amusing to anyone who hears me do it. Overall quality product, mixes well into drinks (which has been very convenient for taking doses to go), the shipping was fast, and I have had no issues.”– E

“A friend recommended we try Piracetam, and though at first I didn’t want to try it as a powder, I’m now delighted I did. This is an excellent product, and it’s so easy to use the powder. Since it’s water-soluble, it is simple to just add it to water or juice, in the amount I choose. Yes, it’s a little bitter, but the taste is tolerable and quickly washes away with water or any other beverage. We’re using a low daily dose (800 mg, once per day) which is very effective. The only suggestion I have for others is to limit use to 3-4 days, then take a few days off. Otherwise you may find, as we have, that you are considerably less patient with others (and perhaps also yourself). After taking this plus Oxiracetam for almost three weeks straight with only two separate days off, I found I was getting pretty cranky and needed to take more days off. We’re now on a Mon-Thurs on schedule, with Fri-Sun off, and so far it’s working nicely. PowderCity has been awesome, too. Their site is very informative and easy to use, they ship quickly, and they provide lots of updates on when my order has been received, shipped, and delivered. I feel very spoiled now and wouldn’t want to order elsewhere (which is exactly the point, right?). :)”– Tiffany R.

“I was excited to receive piracetam in bulk. I have experienced consistent ability to think more succinctly and my memory has increased ….at midlife time on this earth. I assure that I am taking choline in some source with the supplement, which also works excellent. A challenge was breaking all the clumps up in the bag prior to measuring out and making capsules. There must have been moisture in the bag. However, overcome-able. Thank you for these pure supplements. I appreciate indeed.”– Emily L.

“Purchased this to potentiate the Alpha GPC I take and possibly replace the recently banned Picamilon for a vasodilator. It gives me a ton of energy, is a remarkable mood booster and also enhances my creative faculties. I’m a musicians and the music just flows when your taking this stuff and I’m much more motivated. I only take a gram as it seems like I’m sensitive to it and any more is too stimulating. At a gram it seems like the perfect dose for me and I have really enjoyed taking it.”– Ryan P.

“I’ve been taking Piracetam on and off for more than a year now. I usually take it for a month or so and then go off for a while, just to be safe, but there’s no side-effects or any lingering feelings when I stop. I’ve tried a lot of different nootropics, even some of the more dramatic ones, and can safely say nothing works as consistently and brilliantly as Piracetam. It doesn’t make you sleepy, and it doesn’t keep you awake. It doesn’t make you jittery or easily distracted or give you tunnel vision. I would describe it as making things “sharper”. I’m able to react intellectually when I need to, when otherwise I’d have no choice but to react emotionally. It’s amazing for stressful jobs and has gotten me through many scary interviews and presentations. It’s also brilliant for creative work and allows me to focus my energies and organize myself in ways that seemed impossible before. Your mileage may vary, but I can vouch for Powder City and the quality of their Piracetam. I strongly recommend 4.8 grams every 8 hours, as suggested elsewhere – taking too much is actually the same as taking too little.”– Jeremy W.


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