Pine Bark Extract

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What is Pine Bark Extract?

Pine bark extract contains powerful antioxidants called oligomeric proanthocyanidins compounds (OPCs). There are several types of pine bark extracts available, but all have the same active compounds and benefits. This powder is extracted from the inner bark of the Chinese Red Pine.

Pine Bark Extract Benefits

Cellular Health Benefits

Since pine bark extract contains high amounts of OPCs, this supplement is a potent cellular health supplement. Cellular health supplements are important for aiding in the protection from free radicals. Pine bark extract promotes healthy immune system function, cardiovascular health, energy levels, and more.*

These benefits become more prevalent when pine bark is combined with resveratrol, as these supplements contain high amounts of polyphenols. [1,2] Polyphenols are also potent elements to cellular health. These protect cells from free radical damage. This explains why combining supplements high in polyphenols with pine bark is beneficial.*

Pine Bark Extract Dosage

The recommended pine bark dosage is one scant 1/8 tsp scoop (250mg) once daily.

CAS Number: 174882-69-0
Synonyms: condensed tannins



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