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There can be no doubt that green tea has a tremendous amount of benefits for the body and its overall health. We have all heard the stories of cities in Japan and China where the inhabitants are living well past 100 years of age, attributed to the benefits of drinking green tea every day. While these stories may be a bit over-hyped, green tea is one of the best antioxidants around and green tea powder offers all of the same benefits in a much more concentrated and convenient form.

What is Green Tea Powder?

Essentially green tea powder is ground up green tea leaves. When made into a very fine powder, users can add this to food or drink for a convenient way to get some incredible health benefits into their diet.

All teas originate from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, a white flowering plant that grows throughout the world in various forms and species. The difference in teas is primarily due to how they are processed once the leaves are plucked from the plant. The highest quality green teas and green tea powders are produced by steaming the leaves [2].

High quality green tea powder is very simply these roasted leaves, which have been ground down into a fine powder. This processing method does not allow your tea the chance to ferment and locks in as many benefits as possible [2].

Benefits and Effects of Green Tea Powder

Perhaps the most well-known effect of green tea powder is that of being a powerful antioxidant. Basically, there are a number of chemicals (mainly flavonoids and polyphenols) and properties in tea which help it to rid the body of toxins [3].

There is some evidence to suggest that flavonoids promote and enhance a healthy body [4] and may also promote healthy cholesterol levels [1].

Another interesting benefit associated specifically with green tea powder is due to its versatility. Sprinkle some into whatever food or drink you like for a nice little jolt. This allows all the health benefits to be consumed when you are eating yogurt or making a pie. Of course, adding hot water actually reconstitutes the powder into green tea. The powder can also be mixed with skin cream and applied topically [1].

Powdered Green Tea Dosage

While some experts warn against over-consumption of powdered green tea, this would only be possible at extremely high levels. Stay between the equivalents of 2 to 4 cups of actual tea daily.


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