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What Is Muira Puama?

Muira Puama is an herb that grows in regions surrounding Brazil. Muira Puama is popular among the Amazonians as a tonic for relief of weakness and to increase motivation.

Muira Puama Benefits

Learning and Memory

Muira Puama appears to be a promising supplement for memory. One study compared Muira Puama’s effects on the memory performance of aged rats versus healthy adult rats in a step-down inhibitory avoidance test. Scientists use these types of tests to determine an animal’s ability to learn. [1] The study showed that the memory-deficient aged rats performed just as well as the healthy adult rats after taking Muira Puama. [2] Muira Puama is may be able to supplement memory and learning via its interactions with serotonin receptors. [3]


Muira Puama is able to reduce the effects of stress and improve mood. This herb supplements the function of beta-adrenergic and dopamine receptors, which explains the boost in mood experienced after supplementation. [4,5]

Muira Puama Dosage

The recommended Muira Puama dosage is one 1.25cc scoop (1000mg) once daily.

Synonyms: Ptychopetalum, Potency Wood



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