Mucuna Pruriens Extract (Dopa Mucuna) 98% L-DOPA

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What is Mucuna Pruriens?

Mucuna Pruriens is another naturally occurring element that has been used for quite some time as a form of herbal remedy for various ailments. Legal for use in this manner, it is something that can easily be purchased in the form of seeds, extracts, powders, pills, and capsules. [1]

Mucuna Pruriens is also commonly referred to as Velvet Bean or Cowitch. Primarily found in tropical climates like those in the Caribbean and Africa, it has been used as a mood booster and a natural treatment for those facing depression and anxiety. Use of this nature has been prominent in areas of India for quite some time. [2]

Previous common uses of the plant have included – treating snake bites and fending off symptoms in those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. These are possible applications due to the anti-venom and neuroprotective properties found in Mucuna Pruriens. It has also been found to have certain antioxidant properties, which could suggest its usefulness when it comes to helping those dealing with muscle pain, diabetes, infertility, lower than normal hormone levels, and bone or joint issues. [1]

Mucuna Pruriens extract (or Velvet Bean extract) have a wide range of benefits and uses for those looking to buy the substance.

Benefits and Effects

Boost in Testosterone

Those who were experiencing apparent infertility before they took Mucuna Pruriens have seen increased levels of testosterone after taking the supplement. Experiments however have yet to yield conclusive evidence that this is an across the board finding, with men who have not yet experienced symptoms of infertility not necessarily showing increased levels of the hormone themselves. [1] In men, it is commonly known that lower levels of testosterone can impact overall mood and general happiness on a day to day basis, which could make Mucuna Pruriens an excellent option for those looking to balance out any mild symptoms of depression if this were to be the case. [1]

Defense against Parkinson’s Symptoms

Mucuna Pruriens benefits also include its ability to increase certain growth hormones in the brain naturally. This is due to the fact that it contains levels of L-Dopa, which is critical to the healthy operation of neurotransmitters throughout the brain. [2] L-Dopa is also very widely known to be a strong defender against various symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. When compared with other drugs already used for this purpose, like Levodopa, Mucuna Pruriens was actually shown to be absorbed faster into the body, and it was actually found to be absorbed more efficiently as well. [1] Use of the drug over longer periods of time also proved to be more successful than those drugs already used more prominently. [3]

Increased Alertness

Many Mucuna Pruriens reviews tout the drug as being able to increase mental alertness in its users. This could be in part due to the supplement’s ability to calm neural activity while promoting alpha brain waves. These combined mean that Velvet Bean could potentially help those struggling with attention disorders like ADHD when proper doses are utilized. [2]

Increased Fertility

As mentioned above with the increase in testosterone seen in men after the use of Mucuna Pruriens, there has also been a noted increase in sperm count in users. It has also been seen to increase sexual libido in rodent subjects that have been exposed to the substance, which indicates it could be used in the same way in human subjects as well. [3]

Diabetic Management

With proper Mucuna Pruriens dosage, it has also been proven to have the ability to decrease levels of blood sugar. This is also thanks in part to the presence of L-Dopa, which assists in maintaining healthier levels of sugar in the bloodstream which makes it a great natural option for those with diabetes looking to supplement their medication with a more organic substance. [4]

Other Purported Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, Mucuna has been used previously as a sort of herbal protectant against certain toxins that can enter the body through snake bites. This is done through ingestion of the Mucuna seeds. [1] Mucuna has not had enough research to conclusively verify this, however, some have used the component with varied success in treating pain in bones, joints, and muscles as well. [1]

How does Mucuna Pruriens Work?

As stated earlier, many of the benefits that can be experienced with Mucuna Pruriens come from its levels of L-Dopa, which is known to help increase levels of dopamine in the user’s system. [1] Mucuna Pruriens powder is believed to have the most potent level of this chemical, and therefore might be the best choice for those wondering how to take Mucuna Pruriens. However, it is important to make sure that it is made from Velvet Bean seeds or beans. [2]

Among the other components listed above, Mucuna Pruriens contains Mucunadine, Mucunine, Mucunainine, Prurienine, Purienidine, Beta Sitosterol, Glutathione, Lecithin, Venolic Acid, and Gallic Acid. [2] These additions to Mucuna are believed to be where it draws its ability to give a boost in energy; some have found it to work in a similar way to caffeine. [1]


How Much Mucuna Pruriens Should I Take?

Doses of natural, organic, and herbal remedies like this can be hard to specify because they mostly depend on the ultimate goal you are trying to reach in your Mucuna Pruriens experience. However, Mucuna is definitely a higher potency than many similar supplements, and therefore it is recommended that you begin with a lower dosage and see how your body reacts to the addition. [5]

For those who are looking to take Mucuna Pruriens tablets or capsules, it is imperative to look for indications on the packaging that state they are made from the seeds within the plant rather than the root or leaves. This will ensure that you receive the highest possible potency of L-Dopa possible from the compound. [5]

For those wondering how to take Mucuna Pruriens powder, the answer is relatively simple as well: simply mix the powder directly into water for the most immediate effects to be experienced. It can also be mixed into your favorite type of smoothie much like you would a protein powder. This has been found by many users to be a way to receive the effects of Velvet Bean even if you can sometimes be sensitive to herbal remedies or tonics such as this. It has been seen to more slowly release levels of L-Dopa into the system, which means that the benefits or any side effects will not be as pronounced as quickly as they might be when taken in capsule or tablet form. [5]

When considering where to buy Mucuna Pruriens powder or where to buy Mucuna Pruriens in general, simple supplement stores like GNC often carry it along with other herbal supplements.

Side Effects

As with many herbal remedies such as Mucuna Pruriens, there is still various ways to go in regards to in depth testing. This means that it is unclear what the effect of using the plant would be on pregnant women, so they should avoid use if intending to become pregnant or during pregnancy. [1] This can also imply that it should be avoided while breastfeeding as well.

With common usage, reviewers have cited experiencing relatively minor side effects like headaches, but they have also reported experiencing bouts of insomnia and even some nausea or vomiting. [1] This is why it is recommended that you begin with a smaller dose and work your way up after giving your body time to react normally to the compound. After you see how your body will react, you can appropriately adjust to a dosage that works best for you.

Other various side effects that have been occasionally reported include hallucinations, hair loss, and high blood pressure. [2]


Users of Mucuna Pruriens most often lean towards stacking it with other substances that are designed to have similar energy or mood boosting properties. The goal of this is to simply enhance or elevate the effects they experience without fear of seeing the side effects that can come from a higher dose of one or the other.

Noopept is another supplement known for its ability to offer cognitive boosts with proper dosage. [6] In addition to the benefits that can be seen with exclusive Mucuna use, when stacked with this supplement users can see an increase in focus as well to help them concentrate on tasks even more closely. [1]

These stacks don’t even need to be other plant-based or herbal supplements; they can be things as simple as mixing Mucuna Pruriens with your morning coffee or tea. Users have found that the caffeine can mix nicely to boost the effects of the compound. Some users have even begun mixing Mucuna with green tea extracts that also come in pill or capsule form to see an increase in benefits. [1]





Curated Reviews

“I bought this Mucuna Pruriens among other products from to build my pre-workout stack which I am very pleased with. I have also found Mucuna Pruriens to be the answer I was praying for regarding my sleeping problem: I could always fall asleep easily but always woke up after a couple of hours and had broken sleep the rest of the night. I am a male in my 40’s, I have always been able to sleep like a baby no matter what, and this sleeping problem came on suddenly. Nothing helped, not over the counter sleep aids, not melatonin, magnesium, valerian root, various other nootropics and even some prescription sleep aids.. nothing worked. I suspected it might be a hormone issue and tried Mucuna Pruriens before bed and slept thru the night! It has been working great for me, I take 150mg or 300mg before bed, depending on if I worked out close to bed time or not. You never realize the value sleeping well until you cant anymore. I will be buying more Mucuna Pruriens for sure as well as other products from”– D.A.

“Great workout, sleep, and libido supplement. I take it and I feel the clock rewind. This will make you feel vital and relaxed. It will also lift your mood. Winner. I take 150 mg about an hour before bed or 300 mg before an early evening workout. I sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed like I once did long ago. No side effects noticed at these levels after the first 5 days with only my multi, fish oil, and b-complex as my stack. It just works. Happy customer.”– Alan

“You read these reviews sometimes and wonder, ok guy, what else was in that koolaid you were drinking, but this stuff is no joke. Took recommended dose, and slept like a baby. I have taken several other brands and just notice I feel better, but nothing that is really remarkable. It really does also have a libido effect too. With the Racetams I slowly start noticing mental benefits, but with this, phenibut and caffeine (separately) the effects are immediate and noticeable.– Chris

“Powder City’s Mucuna comes in a standardized 98% L-Dopa. Which is awesome. That means 100mg of Powder City’s Mucuna yields 98mg of pure L-Dopa. Why is this important? Because the majority of supplements (either separately or in combination with other ingredients) are using Mucuna that is standardized 15% L-Dopa. Meaning 100mg of many other vendors only yields 15mg of L-Dopa. When you study up on various data of Mucuna, keep in mind that most other vendors have been peddling Mucuna that is based on that 15%. All that being said, Powder City’s service is amazingly quick and efficient!! Product quality the BEST! I am still messing with it; takes a while to give accurate results, so when I get it I will update this review with that info.”– S P

Used to live in Lima Peru & get my “Macca Root” fresh. This works well w/ Yohimbine & TongKat Ali (Longjack) stack. I mix suggested amounts w/ 1/2 cup distilled water a bit of stevia (flavor) & drink 1 AM 1PM on empty stomach. Testosterone Boost within hours & w/in 2 weeks noticed better sleep , weight loss & more intensity during work outs. I also take Noopept sublingual & again mix suggested amounts of CDP Choline, Alpha GPC & Citrulline w/distilled H2O w/stevia for flavor B4 work outs or when I have to have extreme focus like day trading stocks & options. Makes for really intense workouts for this 56 year old health nut …– Mark F.

“This is the highest potency for the best price I’ve been able to find. I mix it with other supplements as part of my pre-workout, so I don’t pretend to know exactly how much of the effect comes specifically from L-Dopa… but I know the research back it up, and this is the purest I’ve found. Mixes well and doesn’t add any undesirable flavor that I can tell. I have ordered on multiple occasions, and have come to trust Powder City for many of my other supps as well.– Bill

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