Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) Extract 50% Mogroside V 10 Grams (Discontinued)

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What is Monk Fruit?

Monk fruit (Luo Han Guo) is the fruit of the Siraitia grosvenorii plant found in China and Thailand. The fruit extract is a popular alternative to sugar as it is about 200 times as sweet without the calories. The extract was developed to compete with other herbal sweeteners such as stevia.

Monk Fruit Benefits

In addition to being a sweetener, Monk fruit has numerous other uses including as an cellular health supplement and general health aid.*

Monk Fruit Extract and Body Composition

While Monk fruit does not promote weight loss like other traditional fat burners, it can help you reach your weight goals. Replacing sugar with Luo Han Guo will reduce your overall caloric intake which can help with body composition.

Monk Fruit as a Cellular Health Supplement

The cellular health benefits from Monk Fruit are due to the Mogroside V content.* [1,2] We supply one of the purest extracts on the market standardized for 50% Mogroside V to ensure you get the most out of Monk fruit’s benefits.

Additional Monk Fruit Benefits

In addition to its many other benefits, Monk fruit also has anti-fatigue properties. One animal study found that Monk fruit produced significant physical anti-fatigue effects. [3] The test showed that the time to exhaustion greatly increased in the mice given Monk fruit. [3] This means they were able to do more physical work for longer, increasing their tolerance for exercise.*

Monk Fruit vs. Stevia

North Americans consume approximately 160 pounds of sugar per year. This is problematic as excess sugar intake is linked to a number of health problems affecting your heart, your body composition, your metabolism, and more. [4] As more individuals try to be health-conscious, sugar alternatives have made their way to the market such as stevia.*

Stevia has had a lot of commercial exposure, but it is by no means the only no-calorie sweetener available. It has a somewhat bitter aftertaste that many find unpalatable. Monk fruit serves the same purpose as stevia without the unpleasant flavor.

Monk Fruit Extract Dosage

Monk fruit extract does not have standard dosage guidelines like other supplements. This is because its primary use is as a sweetener. 20mg of Monk fruit is the rough equivalent of one teaspoon of sugar. Individual preference for sweetness will determine how much Monk fruit extract you will need.



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