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  • Measurement range: 8mg-12mg, depending on powder density
  • Color: Red
  • Antistatic Polypropylene

Measuring Scoop Instructions

When measuring your supplement, each heaping scoop measures approximately 12mg. Make sure there is little to no powder on the neck of the scoop while measuring, or this will measure more than 12 milligrams.

Measuring Supplements

Micro Milligram Scoops provide a quick and convenient alternative to a milligram scale. Our micro mg scoops measure approximately 12mg of supplement powder.

On the side of each micro scoop, you will see it rated as 10-12mg, but the scoops were tested for the listed supplements, and measured about 12mg per heaping micro scoop.

Using Measuring Scoops to Measure Supplements

Micro scoops make it possible for you to scoop small amounts of your favorite supplements. Using a micro scoop can eliminate the to need weigh your supplements with a scale every day. The long polypropylene neck helps you efficiently get small mess-free scoops without the worry of powder sticking to the scoop. These scoops measure about 10mg, but the actual weight can vary based on the density of the powder you are scooping.

Micro scoops are particularly useful in nootropic mixtures and stacks. Since some nootropics such as Noopept require very small doses to be effective, so being able to easily manipulate the fine powders can make it much easier to accurately measure your supplements. People who buy noopept and other nootropics almost always use measuring tools. While it’s still recommended that you use a scale to measure particularly potent supplements, a scoop can make the process faster.

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