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Mexedrone structure


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Systematic (IUPAC) name3-Methoxy-2-(methylamino)-1-(4-methylphenyl)propan-1-one
Chemical NameMexedrone


CAS Number 
ATC code 
Chemical data 
Molar mass207.27 g·mol−1
Online Synonyms 
 MEX, mexedrone, 4-MMC-oMe



Discovery, History & Research



Mexedrone does not seem to have an official discovery date or online patent for its synthesis. Rather, we have reports of it being described in the literature only from August 2015.


Mexedrone was first characterised online as a research chemical back in 2015. Toxicology reports have described it in the research from Sweden and Japan.


The research is mainly as a novel mephedrone derivative within the broader cathinone class. As a potential for characterising a generic drug law in certain countries, Mexedrone was first discussed after it replaced N-methoxymephedrone as the candidate for drug laws to be based upon.

Below is a list of the research on Mexedrone.




Chemical Structural Data

As part of the Cathinone family, Mexedrone seems to contain a similarity to the amphetamine class of compound with a phenethylamine core. The phenyl ring is bound to an amino group (NH2) through an ethyl chain with the Rα containing a methyl substitution. Mexedrone has further substitutions which characterise it as a close relative to Mephedrone. In the same way that MDMA and Methamphetamine differ, so do Mexedrone and Mephedrone.

Structure-Activity & Chemical Similarity Predictions

Although unconfirmed, it is likely that the structure to activity relationship of Mexedrone is shared with its closest relative Mephedrone. That is, based on the similarities – Mexedrone would act as a potent releasing agent for serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline.

Key Areas of Research


Samples of Mexedrone to purchase online may be used in the following scientific applications.  


  • As a forensic sample and/or for forensic chemical catalogues.
  • As a reference sample for Toxicology laboratories.
  • As a chemical reagent and/or intermediate
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediate.
  • As a research chemical sample within studying pharmacology of receptor binding assays.
  • Affinity and Efficacy Receptor profiling.
  • Research into the Cathinone class of compound.
  • Reference sample for the application within future therapeutic compounds
  • Pure reference standard for chemical analytical libraries using HPLC, FTIR, NMR and GC/MS equipment

Online Anecdotal Reports

Mexedrone has shown up in online discussions, particularly those centred on the subjective Mexedrone effects and its relative dosage compared to other compounds in its class.

Mexedrone for sale in powder and crystal form has seen a rise in reddit discussions and other research chemical forums. Mexedrone from China is often for sale in the UK and USA with relative ease of online purchase.

Forum links to anecdotal discussion by those who are able to buy Mexedrone crystals online.


Chemical Safety, Legality & Indented Use

Intended use

This is a research chemical compound. Sold as an analytical standard, reagent or laboratory tool for in vitro (outside a living organism) research only. This compound is not for human consumption or any form or in vivo research.


It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure this compound is legal to purchase and import for research chemical purposes in their country.

Chemical Safety

This compound is intended to be used in strict laboratory conditions, following all proper precautionary protocol for any novel and untested chemical. The toxicological and physiological action of this compound have not been assessed and so extreme caution should be observed when handling this compound. Please follow proper health and safety guidelines, in a well ventilated and well equipped laboratory when handling this compound.


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