Glycine FFA Supplement

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Glycine Defined

Glycine is the smallest amino acid, yet has the largest range of functions, ranging from acting as a neurotransmitter to facilitating the production of muscle tissue in healthy individuals, supplementing with glycine exhibits nootropic properties, such as improved memory and attention, while also promoting overall health, such as maintaining the acid-base balance in the gut and acting as a cellular health supplement as well.*

The vast range of bodily functions makes glycine one of the most abundant amino acids in both the human body and dietary proteins alike. Consequently, fish, meat, soy, and even bananas are just a few of the many dietary sources of glycine. While readily available in the diet, research suggests that supplemental glycine provides optimal absorption. [5]

Glycine Benefits

Glycine Powder as a Nootropic

Nootropic qualities, including supplementation of memory, attention span, and cognition, have been exhibited with supplemental glycine.* [4,3]

Glycine for Sleep

Sleep deprivation inhibits cognitive abilities, whether it results in decreased memory, poor attention span, or just crankiness, compromised sleep is often crippling during the most inconvenient times. Glycine is particularly useful in times where a full night of sleep is difficult in two ways: It promotes sleep quality and energy levels when sleep is restricted.* [1,2]

Glycine Supplements for Athletic Performance

Glycine’s role as a cellular health supplement, alongside promoting a healthy digestive tract, make glycine a worthy supplement to anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.*

Creatine, the supplement known to promote athletic and physical development, is made thanks to the help of glycine. Glycine and L-Arginine are combined to form guanidinoacetate, which is then converted to creatine. Although glycine can be synthesized in the body, supplementing your body’s production may promote the production of creatine.*

Glycine Dosage

-1-3g/day. All at once or divided throughout the day. If all at once, 30-60 min before sleep

CAS Number: 56-40-6
Synonyms: Aminoethanoic acid, Aminoacetic acid


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