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Inositol Goes Well With

Many people use inositol hexaphosphate for its abilities to supplement cellular health, immunity, and metabolic properties. [1,2,3,4,5]

What is Inositol Hexaphosphate?

Inositol Hexaphosphate, also commonly referred to as IP6 or phytic acid, is a dietary phytochemical found in cereals, soy, legumes, and most fiber rich foods. [6] Supplemental inositol hexaphosphate is advantageous because the user can control the timing and amount being consumed. Bioavailability of inositol hexaphosphate is higher when consumed in solution (mixed with water) compared to food.

Inositol Benefits

Cellular Health

Inositol hexaphosphate promotes cellular health.* [1,2,8] Some food manufacturers utilize inositol hexaphosphate to prevent food from oxidizing (turning brown).


Many people take inositol hexaphosphate to supplement neurotransmitter efficacy and to reap its benefits as a cognitive supplement.* [1,7]  A plethora of receptors and enzymes indicates that the functions of inositol hexaphosphate in the central nervous system are highly relevant.

The cellular health properties of inositol hexaphosphate are only part of the reason it is considered a cognitive supplement.* Inositol hexaphosphate supplementation can promote neurotransmitter release and effectiveness.*

Immune Benefits

Inositol hexaphosphate can promote immune health and digestive health.* Phytic acid supplements immune health directly and indirectly.* Inositol hexaphosphate can also promote the prevalence of healthy bacteria in the intestine, known as intestinal flora.* The digestive system comprises the majority of the immune system. [9]

IP6 Inositol Dosage

Inositol dosages range widely. Most people use as little as 500 mg of inositol supplement once or twice a day, and then others take as much as several grams a day.

Common Misspellings: Inisitol
Synonyms: IP6 Supplement


  1. Fisher, Stephen K., James E. Novak, and Bernard W. Agranoff. "Inositol and Higher Inositol Phosphates in Neural Tissues: Homeostasis, Metabolism and Functional Significance."Journal of Neurochemistry 82.4 (2002): 736-54. Web.

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