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Hydroxytyrosol acetate is a phenolic compound. [1] The hydroxytyrosol portion of the molecule is most often found in the olive plant.

The addition of acetate increases hydroxytyrosol’s bioavailability. [2] It is also produced in the body as a distant dopamine metabolite. [3]

Supplementation allows consistent, optimal intake of this powerful cellular health supplement rather than relying on a food source. The content of dietary sources, such as olive oil, varies. [1] This makes it difficult to measure consumption from dietary sources alone.

Hydroxytyrosol Acetate Benefits

Hydroxytyrosol may be one of the most powerful cellular health supplements available. Additional benefits include body composition and supplementing cognitive health.*


Due to its chemical structure, hydroxytyrosol donates a hydrogen molecule to free-radicals. In doing so, it can deactivate harmful free-radicals in a direct manner.* [3]

Supplementation can also boost several cellular signaling pathways to increase natural defenses. [3] This is the result of hydroxytyrosol increasing endogenous detoxifying enzymes. [3] In doing so, it protects mitochondrion from oxidative damage, which promotes healthy cellular function.*

Benefits to Body Composition

Supplementation can increase levels of T3, a potent thyroid hormone. [4] One study found that hydroxytyrosol increased plasma T3 levels by 66% relative to control.* [4]

Continued use of this supplement is also correlated with decreased levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). At first glance, this seems like a negative effect. However, high levels of TSH can occur when the thyroid is underactive, An elevated metabolism leads to higher ATP demands. Hydroxytyrosol acetate can increase mitochondrial formation and function.* [5]

Research has not brought about a clear mechanism behind this phenomenon. It may occur in response to thyroid modulation or as a result of stimulating a protein known as PPARGC1-alpha.* [3,5]

Benefits to Cognitive Health

The same mitochondrial boost that gives hydroxytyrosol its body composition benefits, is also responsible for its cognitive health properties. By modulating mitochondrial biogenesis, hydroxytyrosol can supplement cellular health in the brain.* [3,6]

The mechanism through which hydroxytyrosol helps benefit cardiovascular health, also offers a cognitive aid.*

The Benefits of Cellular

Oxidative stress chips away at cell structure. With age, another cell health adversary comes into play, amyloid-ß (Aß) proteins.

Age can induce lipid peroxidation, which decreases cellular health. Hydroxytyrosol acetate can promote cellular health activity, to aid in combating this negative synergy.* [3,6]

Hydroxytyrosol Dosage

Individuals should take 25mg of hydroxytyrosol acetate per day. This is roughly equal to four red micro scoops.


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