Green Coffee Bean Extract (Chlorogenic Acid)

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Green Coffee Bean Extract for Body Composition

Losing weight is not an easy task. Minimal or nearly non-existent progress despite your best efforts can leave you feeling defeated. Even with proper diet and exercise, some may need a little help in meeting their goal body composition. If you want to take control of your body composition, Green Coffee Bean Extract may be for you.*

Green Coffee Bean Extract Defined

As the name implies, Green Coffee Bean Extract comes from green, or raw, coffee that has not yet been roasted. [1] The primary compound responsible for Green Coffee Bean Extract’s benefits is a phenol called chlorogenic acid which is also found in some fruits and vegetables. [1]

Why Green Coffee Bean Extract and Not Coffee?

While many individuals drink coffee for its energy boost, you derive fewer benefits from the beverage than the extract. More often than not, drinking coffee alone is not enough to help you manage your body composition.*

While Chlorogenic Acid is present in normal drip coffee, the roasting process destroys much of the useful compounds. [1] This leads to a cup of coffee having insubstantial amounts of the compounds found in Green Coffee Extract. [1]

Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

Chlorogenic acid provides most of Green Coffee Bean Extract’s benefits. [1] Long-term supplementation can aid in reducing carbohydrate uptake as well. [2] Furthermore, chlorogenic acid helps to promote natural thermogenesis.* [3]

Chlorogenic acid provides cellular health benefits as well. [4] While most cellular health supplements are limited to fighting free radicals, phenolic acids like chlorogenic acid can also promote a healthy body composition.* [4,5]

As an extract of Green Coffee Beans, it is not surprising that this supplement provides stimulatory benefits too. However, this energy boosting effect is significantly weaker than caffeine so you do not need to worry about this supplement giving you the jitters.* [6]

Green Coffee Bean Extract also supplements as a healthy cardiovascular system.*

Green Coffee Bean Extract Dosage

Green Coffee Bean Extract is often taken multiple times a day, sometimes up to 1000 mg or more. We recommend starting with a 400mg dose once per day then increasing from there as you learn your own tolerances.



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