Grape Seed Extract

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Grape Seed Extract Benefits

Grape Seed Extract is a potent cellular health supplement. Adding cellular health supplements to a daily regimen aids in immune system function and helps to keep cells healthy from free-radicals. [1] Grape seed extract promotes heart health, as well as exercise endurance. Our Grape Seed Extract has a strength of 95% proanthocyanidins.*

Cardiovascular Health

Grape Seed Extract has been shown to promote cardiovascular health and supplement healthy resting heart rate. [2,3] Grape Seed Extract also supplements healthy micro-circulation, or circulation of blood in the smallest blood vessels.* [4]

Body Composition

On top of its benefits to cardiovascular health, Grape Seed Extract’s cellular health properties have been shown to benefit metabolism and body composition.* [5]

Cognitive Health

Grape Seed Extract’s antioxidant properties also lead to cognitive benefits. It has been shown to effective in supplementing healthy cognition and promote longevity.* [6]

Grape Seed Extract Dosage

Take two rounded 0.15cc scoops (200mg) once daily.

Synonyms: GSE, OPC-3, Oligomeric, Procyanidins, Procyanidin



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