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What is it Glucuronolactone?

Glucuronolactone is a naturally occurring compound that is supplemental for nearly all connective tissues in the body. [1] This supplement is odorless, white in color, and is water soluble. It is a common component in energy drinks and promotes liver health.* [1]

Glucuronolactone Benefits

While glucuronolactone is a typical ingredient in energy drinks, it’s primary purpose is not to boost energy. The reason it is included is because it acts as a detoxicant, meaning it is able to remove toxic substances from the body. Because of this, energy drinks include glucuronolactone to give an energy boost while simultaneously providing detox benefits.*

Cellular Health

Glucuronolactone also has cellular health properties as it promotes healthy blood vessels.* As a result, glucuronolactone synergizes well with resveratrol for this purpose [2].

Glucuronolactone Dosage

The standard glucuronolactone dosage is 500mg per day. Â

CAS Number: 32449-92-6
Synonyms: Glucaro 1,4-lactone, Glutarate


  1. Merck Index, 11th Edition, 4362

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