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General Health Stack to Increase Longevity

Even if you already take a daily multivitamin, you may still be missing out on some vital health supplements. This General Health Stack aims to kick free radical damage to the curb and boost your immune system as well as your overall health.

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30 Day90 Day
30g Vitamin C, normally $13.99100g Vitamin C, normally $19.75
10g Resveratrol 98%, normally $15.1125g Resveratrol 98%, normally $31.71
10g Milk Thistle, normally $8.9925g Milk Thistle, normally $9.99
15g Shilajit, normally $7.9950g Shilajit, normally $15.99
10g Stevia, normally $1.9510g Stevia, normally $1.95
30g Citric Acid, normally $2.99100g Citric Acid, normally $3.87
Total Savings: $33.02Total Savings: $44.26


500mg-2g Vitamin C

500mg Schisandra

250-500mg Resveratrol 98%

250-500mg Milk Thistle

250-500mg Shilajit

100mg Stevia

1g Citric Acid

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