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Empty Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin is a substance found naturally in a number of different sources. What most people are not aware of is that gelatin and gelatin capsules can be an excellent addition to your diet or supplement routine. There are a number of interesting and exciting health benefits associated with them.*

Gelatin Capsules

Many of the pills or capsules that you take are enclosed in the form of a gelatinous shell or outer coating. They are also known as soft gels. Companies use gelatin in a number of manufacturing processes, including cosmetics, foods and medicines [2].

Interestingly enough, gelatin comes from animals. It is essentially the collagen found in many animals, especially in their hoofs, bones, and skin. In years past, it was also quite common to use gelatin in cooking and baking. Unfortunately, the modern diet has changed all of this and many people are quite lacking this very helpful substance in their diets [1].

Gelatin Capsules Benefits

Since gelatin capsules contain collagen, one of the reported benefits is to help promote joint health [2]. One study performed by Ball State University found gelatin could supplement joint health in athletes as well [3]. Users also take gelatin for promoting hair and skin health. Skin is made up of a large amount of collagen. Supplementation with gelatin capsules helps to benefit the feel and smoothness of skin [1]. These benefits also have been known to transfer to the hair, which will begin to have more shine and strength after a few weeks of supplementation [2].*

Gelatin Capsules Contain Amino Acid

Gelatin is also one of the few sources to contain a large amount of Arginine and Glycine. These are amino acids (proteins) essential for the development of muscle building. Additionally, they also help to convert glucose into energy (rather than fat). Glycine has also been shown to promote a healthy digestive track and absorb calcium in the stomach [1].*

Gelatin Capsules Capacity

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