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GABA Benefits

Because GABA can promote relaxation, it can provide a number of benefits. GABA is able to promote lean muscle, as well as mood and relaxation.*

Lean Muscle

GABA has been shown muscular adaptation induced by resistance training. [1] It can promote lean muscle and faster recovery as well. [1] For these reasons, GABA is popular among bodybuilders.*


Increased levels of GABA can promote relaxation. [2] GABA can help reduce the psychological effects of negativity as well. [3] In one study, subjects fed choclate infused with GABA saw a much faster recovery of heart rate variability after facing acute psychological demands.* [3]


One rat study showed GABA is involved in melatonin synthesis. [4] This likely means GABA helps regulate sleep.* [4]

GABA Dosage

Individuals should take 250mg of GABA up to three times per day. Individuals should start with one dose per day and increase as needed.



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